Saturday, November 5, 2011

Food in a Cup

So, a while back, I mentioned that I was going to slowly start working my way through my Pinterest board. You know, actually trying some of the amazing ideas that I had pinned in my must try that frenzy that is so easy to slip into when faced with the wonders of Pinterest.

I bet you thought I had forgotten about saying that didn't you?

Well, I did. Thing that matters is, I eventually remembered like I usually do when I forget things and went straight to see what I could try first. At the time, it was early and the boys needed breakfast, so I decided to check out my food board. The first thing I noticed is that I have a lot of junk food pinned there. I also have a t-shirt tutorial pinned there and I'm not sure why but I never went back to move it (Who wants to take bets on how long it will take for me to remember to do that?). I did notice a trend that piqued my interest though: Food made in coffee cups.

Now, I didn't used to be a big coffee drinker but since having my second son, hulk baby K, I have ever so needed that morning cup of coffee. My kids even occasionally get coffee. Not real coffee, but they think it is. I have not, however, ever looked at my coffee cups as anything but coffee vessels. Turns out, you can make some tasty foods in them too.

(I am so not a food blogger.)
The first one to catch my eye was the scrambled eggs in a coffee cup. We eat a lot of eggs in this house. Scrambled, frittatas, hard boiled, quiches. You name it. We are the Benjamin Buford Blue of eggs around here. What can I say, they are easy, healthy and cheap.

The idea is super easy. Crack two eggs into a greased (I used butter but spray works too) coffee cup with a teeny bit of milk and whatever else you like in your eggs. I took it easy and just added some shredded pepper jack cheese. Scramble it all together with a fork and stuff it in the microwave for a minute on high, stirring once in the middle. Perfect. Although I have to admit it kind of skeeved me out at first how they kind of bubbled up even though they go back to normal when you stir them. They tasted great though so no foul.

After that, I have three mug cakes pinned. Those are a little more complicated but actually quite similar. There is a chocolate cake, a coffee cake, and a chocolate chip cookie dough cake. I did actually try all three and I will say that they are all fairly tasty. The chocolate cake though was by far the best. Think gooey brownie or chocolate lava cake. Its that good. I did make one small tweak to the recipe though by adding a tablespoon or so of chocolate syrup. Maybe that was the difference between a more cakey cup and a gooey cup?

At any rate, now I am itching to try out more of the things on my boards. They are calling to me from the computer. All I have to do is remember to take a list of things I need to get when I go to the craft store. That way at least I won't be standing there trying to remember what it was I was looking for while the boys put one of everything they can reach in the cart. That is a slight plus I suppose.

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