Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby Wears Many Hats

I had never really realized it before but this week my mother pointed something out to me. K loves hats. My little man can and will make a hat out of anything. If he finds anything that looks like a hat (or is a hat) he immediately puts it on his head or brings it to me to put on him.

Some of his most recent favorites include:

Underwear Hat

Monkey Hat
Big Bro's Skully Hat
Puppy Hat


  1. Haha! Love it! The pictures are so cute! Avery has been so into hats lately too, except when we go outside and she really needs to wear a hat! Her favorites are my hats, my mom crochets me hats so I have quite a large collection and she loves to go through them. But anything that fits on her head has the potential to be a hat. So funny!

  2. and he makes a great model for all his hats.

  3. Wow, neither of my boys will keep a hat on for more than a few seconds! great pics!
    My ww post is: http://www.actingbalanced.com/2011/03/wordless-wednesday-couple-of-shots-from.html

  4. Those are adorable on him, lol even the undies. =)


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