Monday, March 14, 2011

18 Months

Wow. Just wow. I can not believe my baby boy is already 18 months old. Where on Earth did time go? I look in his little face and I see that tiny, blue, screaming ball of fury that came flying out my nether regions at a speed that literally caught every one off guard. Always in a rush, that one.

At 18 months, K is every bit the snuggly, full of love hulk baby he has always been. It has always amazed me how different he was from his big brother. Polar opposite even about some things but then still, the same in others.

For one, he talks more.He has always been a much more vocal baby than D. When he was tiny, he would grunt and cry and whine. He squeaked when he nursed you guys. It was the most adorable sound in the whole entire world. He also squeaks when he wakes up. He still does that and it melts me every. single. time. It's a subtle kind of sound but unmistakable. Just an ever so soft "squeak, squeak" first thing when he wakes up. As he got older, he continued with the vocal thing. Saying Mama at just shy of 6 months and yelling MOM! at 7 months. Now his vocabulary is expanding every day. He knows and correctly uses more words at 18 months than D did at 2. I tried to count them all but I got confused and am too lazy to write them all out so I can count them. Lets just say lots, okay? Chatty monster.

Then there is the classic K temper. He knows how to get what he wants and he is going to get it damn it or no one will have peace until he does! He really is a pretty patient little fellow for the most part but don't you dare cross him.

He also makes the most hilarious faces. His facial expressions have always been a huge source of amusement for me and our families and friends. Kid makes some seriously epic faces and has the most expressive eyebrows I think I have ever seen on a human. There is never any doubt what K is thinking. He is going to make one awful liar one of these days.

I think if I had to find one word to describe K's physical abilities it would definitely be: clumsy. Not wobbly clumsy, but unfortunate clumsy. He tends to fall flat on his face instead of having the time or forethought to put his hands up. If there is something to trip on, he does. Every time he passes it. If he can get stuck in/ on/ under it, he does. Its really pretty funny to watch. I blame his shortyness.

Speaking of shortyness, K is a chunk. Shorty short fatty cakes is his nickname and he takes it seriously. At just shy of 32lbs (99%), he is a chunk but add to it he is only about 32 inches tall (45%), and you get a short, roly poly little guy with a gut and cellulite on his bum and thighs. So bad it makes his mama look like a supermodel. Plus, his legs are short. Like, silly short. Compared to the rest of his body. He is built like his daddy. Maybe that explains the clumsy.

Right now, K is obsessed with cars and Buzz Lightyear. The cars more so than Buzz but he still gets that panicked little kid look in his eye every time he sees anything with Buzz on it. The cars thing actually kind of scares me just a tad. He is slightly obsessed with his big brothers Matchbox cars, which are made for kids that are a little older. Now, K is not a put things in his mouth kind of kid. He never really was. Still though, it scares me that those little wheels are such a choking hazard.

At any rate, he is perfect. Perfect in every way to me and his daddy. He is the light in his big brother's eye. The two of them.. thick as thieves. They are having so much fun together right now and it is so awesome to watch them play. I just can not believe he is already a year and a half old. I love him so freaking much it hurts and I am so not ready for him to grow up. I need him to stay little forever. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. Congrats to your little one!! Sounds like such a smart little one!

    Buzz & cars for my 2 year old as well! his 2nd birthday party was toy story themed! lol


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