Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3 and a Half?!1

Yeah, having the boys a day apart means you get two updates in two days. My D is officially three and a half today. Guys, I am so not ready for him to turn four. Its silly to be dreading it but four is.. a big kid. Four is a huge milestone. Four means my baby boy that made me a mother is no longer my baby boy. He is my big boy.

D has grown into such an awesome little kid. We are passed the age of milestones and who is doing what but allow me to brag on him just a little.

He is sweet and funny.

He is friendly and kind.

He is a ball of fire and full of life.

An awesome big brother with a heart of gold.

He is a good friend to his buddies.

He is a very emotional little guy. He knows when Mama needs a hug and he is always there with a big kiss and a snuggle for me.

He wants more than anything in the world for every one to love him and once you meet him, you can't help but do just that.

He is perfect in every way. 

He is my sweet, little baby D. I hope he always will be.


  1. That's cool! just days apart. =]

    I cannot even imagine what it'd be like when my Pooh gets this old! but just know that he can always be your baby. =] no matter how old he gets. that's the pleasure of being a mom!!

    He sounds charming!

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