Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One of Each

D is my neat freak. He can't stand to have a mess on his clothes or hands. Its pretty funny sometimes but then there are those times where it takes him an hour to eat a bowl of ice cream.

K, however, thinks that mess is what eating was created for. Napkins? Who needs napkins when you have a mouth? Shortly after I stopped recording, K decided to use his shirt as a napkin and wiped the entire glob of chocolate mousse on his belly. That was fun to clean up. (Yes, he got chocolate mousse and D got ice cream. Life isn't always fair when you are young.)


  1. I love it! Mine are both messy. : )

  2. chocolate mousse makes great mohawks!!

  3. Are your boys twins? They are so cute! Isn't it funny how brothers can have such different personalities?

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  4. I'd pick chocolate mousse over non-chocolate ice cream anyday! lol

  5. I have been blessed with polar opposite boys. Never a dull moment! Not to mention, I also have an additional 3 kids that are all just, well, messies. Like I said....never a dull moment.
    Nice to meet you~ Following via MBC. Love your redness. I just realized that you hardly ever see a red blog. :o)


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