Friday, February 25, 2011

See Mama Run

Run, run, run! It seems like all I am doing right now. Running to the store, running to a meeting, running to keep K from busting his face on the floor when he tries to climb the refrigerator. Kids definitely keep us busy. This week has been full of super fun things and super boring things but full of things nonetheless. This weekend? Is going to be even more of the same. Busy, busy, busy. Run, run, run.

Some days I wish I could chill on the couch and do nothing. Nothing at all, like I did before I had kids. Before I had a husband even. Just sit and watch TV and eat a sandwich while daydreaming about what it would be like to have kids of my own.

Then I snap to and realize that I do have kids of my own and they require every bit of my attention at all times and I honestly don't think I would ever want it any other way. I know they will grow up and not need me to follow them around anymore but I am in no rush for that to happen right now. Savoring this moment right here is so very important but also so very hard sometimes. Especially when you haven't eaten all day and your three year old just threw his chicken nuggets under the table.

So, here I am, in the middle of busy and slow down. Trying to keep a grasp on what is most important. The kids of course are number one but what else? Me? My house being clean? The laundry? The never ending errands?

I need to reorganize. Re-prioritize. Shake things up if you will. Its not something I like to do or something I am good at but being on the run all the time is not exactly ideal either. I think I need a nap just thinking about it....


  1. It's funny because I feel the same way about wanting a break sometimes to just sit and relax... and then when I finally have that, I end up getting antsy and trying to fill that time with something else. Go figure!

  2. I finally had a break like that. Eric and I went away for a weekend and it was amazing! It was so nice to be able to sit around and do nothing. To take some time just for ourselves. But I missed Avery like crazy and couldn't wait to get back to her. It was a nice break but I wouldn't trade my life as it is now for anything!


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