Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

It snowed! A lot! Here is muggy Georgia the most winter weather we usually get is ice. Makes things tricky but not usually very pretty. This winter though, we have had our token ice storm, a white Christmas and then yesterday we got 6 inches of snow! Plus ice!

It actually started Sunday night right before the boy's bedtime. We got an inch in fifteen minutes. Insanity I tell you. There was much jubilation around our house though. We were all very excited about the impending snow even though the weather people had been warning us about it for a week. They have lied to us before.

Sunday Evening. It begins.

Yesterday morning though, we woke up and it was so beautiful outside. Everything was coated in white. D couldn't wait to get out in it so we bundled all up and headed out for a bit.

D was in instant wonder mode. K.. not so much.

The snow had about a half inch sheet of ice over the top of it. Underneath that it was all fluffy. The kind where when you walk in it you crunch through and sink down in to the ground and the snow covers your feet over. It makes walking pretty interesting. D was tall enough to make it work for him. K.. not so much.

Mr. D in the snowK monster in the snow

We ended up lighting up our fire bowl in the driveway so we could stay warm enough to play as long as we wanted to. Which ended up being almost three hours. We would go and play in the snow. Throw snowballs, attempt a snowman, see how big a chunk of ice we could pick up before it broke. Then go stand by the fire bowl for a bit and warm up. The only thing missing was marshmallows.

Fire & Ice

After that we hunkered in and took a nice long nap and played the evening away. It was a great, relaxing kind of day. Bedtime was easy and then we all watched a movie. All in all, a perfect winter day.

Those of you who live up Northerly probably scoff at our six inch snow shutting down the city but think about it this way: The city of Chicago and its surrounding areas have 200 salt trucks. The Atlanta area has 8. We have been loaned 3 trucks to take care of this mess by other cities but 11 isn't much better. Plus, with the inch and a half of hard ice on the road way, our salt trucks are doing little more than sliding around in circles on the roadways and it is freezing right back up. We are iced in with no hope in sight. It isn't supposed to get above freezing until Friday and the sun is tucked tightly away behind the clouds.

For now though, I am enjoying the break. It is nice to be able to just hang out with the boys and not have anywhere we feel like we need to be. I'm sure by tomorrow we will all be getting a little stir crazy but who knows what will happen between now and then. Right now, they are saying more ice and lower temps for tomorrow but that could all change at the drop of a hat.

How does your city handle snow? What is your favorite snow day activity?


  1. loos genius, seriously. the firepit idea is awesome.

    i keep forgetting to take jude out to play in the snow, like... it never even occurs to me that he would like that. basically i'm a forgetful idiot.idiot.

  2. We're expect 18-24 inches tonight. It's gone up steadily in the last 8 hours or so.

    The office and schools are already calling it a day off. But just one day unless it's much worse.

    I wish I could have a day of fun in it but we've been blanketed since Christmas night and no one is even making snowmen. :/

    Still: it's better than just boring old cold weather!

  3. Sounds like a great day! I bet your boys had so much fun! I remember snow days were so awesome when we were little ;)
    We are getting it now, I am already over this winter!


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