Friday, December 17, 2010

One Week

What?? When the heck did that happen? We have one week to go until Christmas. That is going to pass insanely fast too. We are kind of laying low a little more than last year though and that is going to be such a relief. I can't quite convince our families of that of course but I'm sure they will get over it in time. Maybe by next Christmas at least. Maybe.

Today, we got out of the house for a bit. We went for a long walk around the neighborhood and up the road to a couple of stores and wandered around in there for a bit and then wandered home. It was nice to be out in the fresh air for a bit and the boys seemed to like being carted around.  I am paying for  it now though. My joints ache something terrible. Worse than they have in a very, very long time.

Tonight, we sat around and watched Christmas movies and drank hot chocolate with tons of marshmallows in it and then bath and bed for the boys. It was so nice to spend the day just hanging out with my little boys. They make me so happy. I have been under a tremendous amount of stress here lately but they always have a way of pulling me out of my funk and cheering me up.

Tomorrow morning though, I am going to make K angry. I am going to attempt to cut his hair. It has gotten out of control. Its all different lengths plus it is very fine so it sticks out all over. Its cute-ish but it will be much cuter all cleaned up for the holidays. The thing is, he in probably not going to like it one little bit. Keep your fingers crossed I come out of it with all my fingers. I'm not holding out much hope.

Yeah, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, one week until Christmas. The next week should be a refreshing change of pace for me at least. We have been house bound for a month or so and it will be nice to be forced to get out.

Tomorrow, after K bites my finger off.. I mean, after I cut K's hair, I have to get the house tidied up because "the girls" are coming over for a bit so we can hang out and eat tacos. That sounds bad. Taco Bell.. We are having Taco Bell. Here. I was going to cook a turkey but they made fun of me and said they wanted Taco Bell so that is what they get. Weirdos.

Sunday I am going to an event at Lake Lanier up North of us to tour their Nights of Lights event with D and a bunch of other bloggers. The people at Chevrolet are loaning us a bunch of their new Cruze cars to go through in too so that should be pretty cool. I used to love my Chevy. Until T hit 2 deer in it, lost the only set of keys to it and then blew up the engine. I wish I was joking.

Monday, oh Monday. I don't really have much planned. Depends on if I have a car or not I guess. I may just sit and chill. I may need it. See, Tuesday is going to be epic. My sister comes home for Christmas. She may not know it yet but we are going to make the best of every. single. second. she is here. I will tie her up if I have to. When she was here this summer, she didn't have much time to just hang out. She had to see all of her old friends and what not. This time, I will tie her to a chair if I have to.

She is bringing her boyfriend too. None of us have met him. Hopefully my wild and crazy kids and our habit of making each other laugh until we almost pass out won't scare him off. 

Wednesday, we see my Granddad and his wife and her family and my Uncle Jeff. Thursday is bound to be mass chaos getting ready for Friday. Friday we do Christmas with my inlaws and then go over to my mother's house where Tommy and I invariably have to sleep on the floor and then Saturday will be the big event. The big day.

Can you believe all that is what I consider "laying low"? There is more after Christmas too. Thats the f'ed up part. For now though, its 11pm. Well, a little after but I am still exhausted. T still isn't home but I am thinking I may need to go to bed anyway. I need to try to get up before the boys and shower so I don't scar my friends with my smell and hairy legs. Not that I am saying they will see my legs but with this group, you just never freaking know.

Anyway, good night (or good morning) to you and I hope we all make it through this next week alive and well. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. It's amazing how buzy things can get even when we're laying low.. I feel the same way.. We're laying low this year too.. I guess I consider laying low more doing the things I want to do than what I feel like I have to do...Merry Christmas!


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