Thursday, December 16, 2010

Buy Handmade

As part of my favorite things this year, I decided to pay homage to the crafties out there. I.. am not crafty. If you give me directions or a pattern, I can recreate it with ease but as far as coming up with my own shit? Yeah, not happening. So of course, it only makes sense to give mad props to those that can and do. Plus the added benefit of supporting the people that are awesome enough to take the time to make their craft by hand. Keeping that money in good hands. So, here is my grouping of favorite work at home moms and otherwise crafty superstars:

First off, of course you sort of know her, is Ashley at Sew Sassy by Ashley. You may (should) remember I gave away one of her gorgeous, hand stamped necklaces a few months ago to a lucky reader. Ashley is a very gifted work at home mom that makes and sell a variety of unique items. From beautiful purses, totes and bags to hand stamped jewelry to super cute bows. She also makes these little zipper flowers that are too freaking adorable. The best part is that everything is totally customizable and she has awesome prices. You can contact Ashley at her blog or on Facebook.

Then there is Little Bowtique. For all of you with little girls in your life, check her out on Facebook. She hand sews all of her bows from the simple to the extravagant. Personally, I am a fan of the little alligator type clippies but I know some people like the huge layered bows. Besides her instock bows, she also does custom orders, so you can match those pretty little outfits and Christmas dresses. Be sure to get your orders in soon  though in order to get them by the big day!

 If you are looking for a custom outfit for a special occasion or something perfect and unique for every day, you need to check out Sweet Designs by Maryum on Etsy or on Facebook. For reals you guys, Maryum is so talented and makes such beautiful clothes for both boys and girls. She just has a knack for putting together patterns. She also makes an awesome assortment of accessories that are just to die for! All that plus high quality sewing and the hottest fabrics makes for a must see collection.

Now, if you have a girly girl (or a little man)  that loves jewelry, you need to check out Vicki's Visions on Etsy. She doesn't have much up right now, but her hand crocheted flower rings and bracelets for little girls are just too stinking cute. For $5-$10 apiece they also make awesome stocking stuffers! If there is a specific color or style you are looking for, contact her and see what she can do.


One of my most recent favorites though is by Colorado or Bust on Etsy. You guys, she makes the cutest little plush sock monsters you will ever, ever see. Ever. Think of something cute and original that you child will want to cuddle and this is what you see. She carries some in stock as she has time to make them (She has a newborn) but you can also pick your own pair of socks and mail them to her for your very own personal sock monster. They are all handmade and come in two sizes the knee length sock (about 30") and the regular length sock (about 8"). Too. Stinking. Cute.

I am a huge fan of Petunia's on Etsy too. For the most awesome personalized gift for new parents (or if you want to buy me something. Heh.) that you will ever see, check out her Fluffy Birth Stats Blanket. She also makes a custom printed name blanket that is to die for. She is on Maternity break for now but she makes some of the cutest things I have seen for the little ones crowd including wet bags and little owl pillows in stock and ready to ship. . So, so cute. What an awesome idea.


  1. I have bought from a few of those gals and I can vouch that they are awesome to work with. Their work is quality and they aim to please! Great communication. Great gals!
    Sweet Designs
    Sew Sassy
    Colorado or Bust

  2. AWESOME post!!!
    All it missed was some baby boy stories

  3. aww, shucks! ;) thanks for loving my monsters!


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