Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Favorite Things 2.0

So, I talked about it yesterday a little, but in case you missed it, I am revamping my favorite things list from last year for all you, my favorite readers. I think its important for us to all share are happy things with each other. Some of my favorite things I have heard about from my friends (see #1) and I am always listening in the stores to hear what people are buzzing about. Keep that in the back of your mind next time you are gabbing loudly on your cell phone at Target. Bwahaha.

So, here is my list for this year. I would absolutely love to hear your list, so if you have a similar post, leave it for me so I can check it out. Or you can always add your additions in the comments. Either way, I want to know. 'Cause I can't hear you through the computer.

Anyway, here you have it! Mama's 2010 top 5 most favoritest things list:

1. My Snuggie. You guys, last year, I made all kinds of fun of these. I ended up getting one for my best friend when she was sick and she started talking about how wonderful it was and how she loved it so and I laughed and probably made fun of her. Then she got me one for Christmas. Yeah, I don't make fun of that shit anymore. I love my Snuggie. It really is kind of an oddball idea and I admit that it was one I thought totally absurd until I used mine. Guys, it has sleeves. Which is full of total win in case you are still wondering. Especially for bloggers with laptops. As stupid as the commercials seem with the lady fiddling with her blanket and laptop/book/dinner is, a blanket with sleeves it totally FTW.

2. Amber jewelry. The teething necklaces we bought for D and K when they were a baby have been absolute LIFE. SAVERS. I don't believe in giving young children any type of drugs or medicines if there is a natural alternative so these have been absolutely perfect. The best part? It works on adults too. Fabulous for my osteoarthritis and even headaches for me. The heat from your body releases oils in the amber which carry succinic acid. I can tell a difference in mine and their pain level and attitude literally within minutes of putting it on, no matter what ails us. A definite must have for any mama and baby. I have always ordered mine from Inspired by Finn on Hyenacart. They have always had fast shipping and quality necklaces. Oh, and if you are worried about the beads breaking loose and causing mass chaos, have no fear. My 6' 5" 260lb husband tried to break D's necklace and couldn't.

3. Skype. This one is freeee! Don't say I never gave you anything. As far as internet messengers go though, this one is A+. I do most of my communicating with my friends via either online messenger or text message. I am not a big phone talker because of some hearing issues (damn I sound old). I used Yahoo messenger for years and years but in the last few it has seriously gone downhill. Fast. My sister turned me on to Skype when she moved way up North so we could do video chat with each other and she could see the boys and whatnot. Most people think that you can only video chat with Skype. Not true! It works as a regular text chat also and that is how I use it the most. So, if you are looking for a non-suck way to privately "chat" with your buddies, check it out. Then find me!

4. My Android. I never bought into the whole iPhone hype. Sorry. I am old enough to realize what a sham Apple is in general, so that probably has a lot to do with it. Maybe I am just not hipster enough (Here comes the hate mail). I got my phone, ironically called a "Hero", this spring and it has not left my person except to charge and shower since. Weird? Yeah, but I get an inordinate number of phone calls and messages a day. It is definitely the most valuable thing I own besides my wedding set. Totally indispensable. Its my clock, my calendar, my social media.. keeper upper.. Yeah. There is a word for that I'm sure but whatever. If you are on the fence, go Droid.

5. The Nintendo Wii. Another multi- purpose type thing here. T and I love to play games on it. We are both pretty competitive with each other and its fun to get so into the games together. We can watch Netflix on it, which has been a total lifesaver here lately with it too cold to go out anywhere. We just turn it on and can watch a ton of movies, or my favorite, get caught up on TV show seasons that I haven't seen. We can browse the internet on that thing too. Space gadget! It has also become my physical trainer. T bought the Wii fit game awhile back and we played with it for a few days and quit. That shit is hard. Its worth it though, and it does get easier with regular use. The best part for me is that I don;t have to actually get dressed or leave the house to do it. That is like a triple win right there!

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  1. Now that I'm Colorado bound, I may have an excuse to get a Snuggie....


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