Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mommy Needs Coffee

Ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you are running in circles? Where you are doing the same set of five things over and over? I woke up this morning thinking that was me this week and then I realized it was only Tuesday. Damn.

It has already begun. The Christmas crazies are out in full force. The road by the mall was packed and overflowing this weekend and it will only get worse from here on out. Soon people will be crowding the stores and getting ugly with the store clerks and each other. As prices fall, the looneys come out.

I meant to be mostly done with shopping by now. That didn't happen. I am mostly done buying for the boys though. That is the crazy part. People get really nasty with each other over kids toys this time of year. I wonder why that is. Like little Lanie will be happier about her Barbie if mommy goes to jail for it.

The pre Thanksgiving sales have been pretty damned good this year too and that has helped. I have to admit that I am one of those people that generally tries to get things on sale but if its not and I want to get it for my kid, I don't care how much it costs. So far though, I have saved over 80 bucks. Not bad, right? Been using Target's price matching policy against them. Turns out they will honor the Toys R Us holiday toy book prices and then take the Target toy book coupons on top of that. You didn't hear that here though. Or maybe you did. And?

I got up this morning to a messy house for the second day in a row too. I hate that. I have been so good about keeping things picked up since we moved. Here is the thing though, I get tired of picking up after Tommy. I don't mind picking up after the boys and myself. We are here all the time and make the majority of the m mess. However, T's mess just makes me bitter. Its not really even that he is messy but he leaves stuff sitting around and doesn't take the trash out even after I have asked him a million times in two days. Something we need to work on.

So, I have been running and shopping on top of all the regular fun of being a mommy and keeping house and all that jazz. So, needless to say, Coffee has been my best friend come morning time lately. Sometimes afternoon time too. Its funny to me (and my mother) because I didn't used to be a coffee drinker at all. Maybe a couple of cups a year. Then came Starbucks and I got used to it. Then I got pregnant and was breastfeeding. Then I got pregnant again and was breastfeeding. I didn't drink anything but decaf for almost three years but it has slowly gotten more and more necessary for me to have coffe in the mornings. I supposed that is why its so bad for you. Addictions of any kind are bad. At least I am not craving Heroin or something though.

So, if you can't tell by my rambling this morning, things are just a little scrambled this week. Or at least this morning. Coffee is my crutch. What is yours? 

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  1. Eric has been driving me nuts with the cleaning thing too! As you said, I don't mind cleaning up after Avery and me but something about cleaning up after him just bothers me. So often he leaves dishes in the sink, socks around the house, bottles ready for recycling on the counter, stuff that would be so easy for him to do...but he doesn't. So frustrating!


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