Wednesday, October 20, 2010


One night last week, I went to bed early. I know, shock and awe and all that. Shut up. Anyway, I did but when I did, T tucked me in and I apparently mumbled something about having to finish a blog post. What I meant was, I had one I had scheduled but not added pictures to but he didn't know that and I was exhausted and so he wrote one for me:

Isn't it funny.. how sometimes you could see yourself in your children. I know with D this happens all the time. Mischievous, Playful, and Incredibly handsome ha ha. Sometimes I get so frustrated with him and I know that he is doing just the same thing that his daddy was doing at his age. Of course the coins go into the tape player, that's how you get it to start.

 The amazing thing to me though is how much admiration he has for his little brother. I was the youngest of 4 boys so I never had anyone to look out for. D is so protective of K. When he cries D pats him on the back and tells him it's ok. I am not saying that D hasn't motivated K into doing things that he shouldn't, but there is no doubt that he loves his little buddy.

Now when I think of brothers getting into trouble, the differences between when I was small and now is amazing. Me, no caller id for when I call the pizza place and order 9 pizzas for our neighbors, D goes online and orders the entire neighborhood pizza. Me, went into class with all the answers to my test written to the palm of my hand... D, It's all on his cellphone.

I love my boys so much. They keep the world fun and exciting. I cannot imagine the world without them. Thank you so much for reading this post... I have my own blog page, but as Amy will probably tell you.... there is more traffic at the DMV on sunday then there is on my blog page.

Now, he is totally right about the traffic on his blog. He has had it almost as long as RMM has been around and has 13 posts and two followers. My sister and me.

Anyway, not the point. The point is, D has always been Tommy's mini me. He looks like him, he talks like him, they have almost identical personalities. Mischievous little boogers they are. Very physical and social. They are funny and love to be noticed.

K on the other hand, is just like me. He looks like me, he talks like me (a.k.a. a lot), and we have matching personalities to boot. He is so funny and so infuriating to me at the same time. Stubborn and opinionated like his mama so we tend to butt heads a lot. He is less physical and more mental. If that makes sense.

So, we both got our minis. Of course they do share traits and mix and match on some things. They are an awesome, infallible duo. They play and bounce off each other like Tommy and I do and its pretty funny to see them get into pissing matches. Eerily familiar even.

What about your kids? Do they favor one or the other?

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