Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Been a long few weeks. We have lived here for two and a half weeks and I am starting to feel settled. We know the where abouts of most of our things. Starting to gradually figure out the town. Etcetera. All quiet on the home front.

We actually got some things done last night that we had been meaning to do. Like replacing the showerhead to help the water pressure. The old one had just had it. The water barely trickled out of the head and down the wall. I guess that is what happens when your house used to be a bachelor pad but I just can't shower that way.

T got the fan up in the play room too. The one that was in there didn't work. Well, the fan part did but the light didn't and it really needs a light in there. Otherwise its as dark as it is outside.

On lights, we also finally got bulbs for the bathroom. Heh. There was only one bulb out of five that worked in our bathroom. Not exactly helpful. Now though, its lit like a gas station. We got the lowest watt bulbs but the bathroom is just small. Too small for that many lights apparently.

Maybe, sort of, starting to feel like home. A home anyway. Not a man cave.

Tommy started a new job this week. Sales just wasn't his thing. He is too nice. Which can be a good thing but not when you are trying to sell someone something they don't necessarily need.

He is excited about the new job and I am excited about some of the things that come with it. Like no more worry about commission goals. He will still have the opportunity to make it but it won't make or break us. He will also be based literally a half mile from the house and won't have to pay his own gas anymore. Talk about financial relief!

I am debating trying NaBloPoMo again this year. I made it through last year but things have gotten a tad more hectic since then. I tend to blog late at night though so maybe it will work out.

It's been bothering me though not being able to post "as much" as I used to. Meaning I usually blog 5 days a week and have skipped a few days lately. Something I'm sure no one but me has noticed.I am OCD like that though. I set a goal and try to stick to it or it bothers me. Probably mostly because once I start letting something slip, I eventually just drop it. If I can't do it perfectly, I don't want to do it anymore. Just another pitfall.

Still though, the idea of posting daily really makes me a little excited but it also makes me worry I will get burnt out. Burn out is no good. Especially when it involves something as therapeutic as blogging.

D has been an enigma here lately. He has been so sweet. Lots of love and kisses but lots of whining and drama as well. I know deep down that he is still adjusting to moving as much as we are but he is too little to understand and voice his concern. He doesn't ask about the old place anymore but you know its there somewhere. Especially at night. He has been asking to sleep with a nightlight the last week or so. He used to not care one way or the other.

I am loving the extra snuggles and kisses though. He is starting to be more social again too. He went through a little shy spell there and it kind of weirded me out. He has always been Mr. Outgoing and for him to show the least bit of shyness has been strange of him. The last few weeks though, he has really come back out of his shell. He has been friendlier with strangers and the like. Not something you would normally encourage but its more normal for him.

K has decided he is going to walk like a pro... as long as you aren't looking. If he catches you looking, he drops down to the floor like you tripped him. D did that too though. Right before he too off like a madman and never looked back. So it looks like I am in real trouble here soon.

Hulk man has also decided that the car is bullshit. He will tolerate his seat for a short trip but if things start taking too long or we stop too long at a light, he works his way to total hysterics at light speed. I am hoping he outgrows this quickly. There is nothing more distracting than a screeching baby in the backseat.

He is becoming more of a daddy's boy here lately too. Which kind of breaks my heart just a little. Its just becoming that balance where Daddy is the playmate and Mama is the comfort. It is still that way with D so I know I should have expected it but still.

Anyway, I guess that is enough rambling for now. If you made it this far, sorry for the scatterbrained-ness but it is literally how my mind works right now. Short bursts. How do you fix that? Maybe a hot bath? Or something fun? I need a stiff drink. Now to find someone who will go with me...

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