Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Fun

 *Sorry this is posting so late, Something was wrong with the photo uploader when I stamped it out earlier today. I figured you probably would want to see the pictures though more than read me ramble on about stuff, so thats why its late. In the day. Yeah.*

Last weekend we went on a fall excursion. We had made plans to head North into the mountains a few weeks back and as much as I thought about backing out, I knew the boys would have a blast. Plus, its a family tradition. Sunday morning, when the boys got up, we picked up my mom and then headed North.

We hit up the same apple farm we go to every year first and spent most of our time there. They have some cool kiddy activities and D was so excited about being on a "real farm" that he could hardly contain himself. We watched the pig races first, which kind of freak me out. Nothing but pigs running in a circle a few times. Just weird. Then we went to their petting farm and D got to pet all kinds of things while K chewed on his shoes. They also have a huge slide and some other little kid kind of stuff. We were there for way longer than we meant to be but the boys were having so much fun it seemed like it was no time at all. When they were ready to leave, we hit up the farm store and got some cider and treats. So. freaking. tasty. 

After that we headed a few miles down the road to the pumpkin patch. We only had an hour before they closed so we hit the hayride first and then picked out our pumpkin. The hayride was pretty cool. The boys enjoyed it muchly. I personally would have enjoyed it more if the tree had been pretty fall colors but what can you do.

D really liked all the super huge pumpkins but we never did really decide what on Earth we would do with a pumpkin bigger than our three year old so we settled for one about the same size as our one year old. Figured that was probably about as much as we would need.

After that, we headed home and all crashed into bed. Hard. It was a great, long, fun, super good day. We had talked about going to a different farm this weekend but I am not sure if we should mess with that.

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