Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mommy Confessions Week 7

Ok, so we all have them. I have decided its time to stop keeping them to myself in hopes that other mommies will realize that none of us are perfect. Here are my dirty little secrets for the week in hopes it will encourage me to be better. What are yours?

~ I've been better about keeping the laundry clean lately but the one thing I can't seem to stay up with is the diapers. I usually start them before bed and they are ready to be dried by the time I get up in the morning but lately I just can't stay focused enough to get them in before bedtime. I ended up using a handtowel snappied around his bum last night because he had no clean diapers. What? It worked.

~ I was clipping part of the mound of coupons I had laying around the other day and was just throwing the extra paper bits in the floor as I went. K was playing with his brother in the living room but when he saw the paper all over the floor, he came crawling as fast as he could over my way. When he hit the loose, slick coupon paper with his hands, they slid right out from under him. He slid flat down onto his face and bit his lip. I was half amused because it was funny to watch and half felt like the worst mommy in the world because he had hurt himself.

~ I had some people over for a birthday party on Monday night. Four couples and six kids. We had a blast except my smartness didn't realize the little Coleman grill we were going to use to cook dinner was out of gas. Yeah, I'm a genius. A couple of the guys ran to the store for more gas and we eventually had a pretty good dinner. Maybe not so much a mommy confession but definitely embarrassing.

~ Also at the party on Monday, my bestie had made a (super awesome) cake for the birthday girl, which we placed in the center of my dining room table too look at while we waited to be able to cook dinner (D'oh!). Well, the kids started getting hungry, so we went ahead and made some chicken nuggets for them to eat, got them all situated and sitting and munching happily. All of the grown girls were standing around in the kitchen talking about something or another when over the chatter I heard the kids all saying "Mmmmmmmm!". I knew immediately what had happened and looked over slow motion like to see the four big kids, standing in their chairs, forks in the cake. They had seen thier opportunity and taken it.

~ I ran a few errands last night after we dropped Tommy off for a shift at Olive Garden, thinking I had plenty of time before we needed to head back for dinner. Well, as always with two kids, the errands took a little longer than I had anticipated and it was dinner time before I knew it. I only had one more errand to run though so I thought that I could just run do that one thing before heading back. Famous last words of every parent isn't it? D wanted a turn "riding on mommy" so I strapped him to my back, put K in the cart and we happily headed into Wal- Mart for a few things . Long story short, less than ten minutes later, I had to abandon half the items I was there for and carry 65 pounds worth of screaming, writhing, sweaty children to my car along with my purchase. Teach me to push dinner too late again.

~ I went to the bathroom one day and made the mistake of leaving my laptop sitting on the coffee table. I came back, about 30 seconds later, and K had opened 18 windows, changed my side bar, removed, tasted and spit out my down arrow key, pulled out the wireless internet thing, thoroughly slobbered said wireless internet thing and typed out a few messages on instant messenger. It took me half an hour to fix what he did in 30 seconds. He is quick, that one. I think he was just hiding out and waiting his chance.


  1. Hehehehe these all made me laugh. I can't wait for Adventures in Geremialand to have stories like this!

  2. I've been so frustrated with making my own baby food (the amount of time it's taking) that I decided to use canned black beans this week. I know- so bad with the sodium! Don't tell ;)

  3. This sounds like most days in my house :-)

  4. lol. ugh. i'm babysitting my two younger brothers this month while my mum/dad are recovering from surgery and aodfandofiadnfioao forget the laundry. they try cloths on and then just dump it in the hamper because their too lazy to put it back in the drawer. I finally cracked yesterday and took the entire laundry basket..*filled with dirty and clean clothes* and dumped it out on the floor of their bedroom. When they asked why i did that i said, "do i look like a laundry-mat?? I will not wash anything until you poke out the clothes that are actually dirty and put the rest up. Dirty means has a stain or smells'".. LOL we will see what happens. the cloths r still in a pile on their floor.LOL


  5. Awww, the laptop! My son does that too - I can not leave my laptop unattended for 2 seconds!

  6. my confession, I'm done having kids <---this being why...oh and I hate my husband that is all


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