Friday, September 3, 2010


This week has been full of it. Just weird all around. I had a migraine all weekend and it lasted until Wednesday. When I say migraine, I'm talking dark room, no talking, brain crushing pain. Then on Monday I started having nosebleeds. Not fun. Especially when you are the sole caretaker of two rowdy little boys full time. They took it pretty easy on me though. D was such a sweetie about it. One afternoon, we had spread out on the couch to watch yet another movie when he disappeared for a few minutes. I figured he had gone to the potty but he came back with some teddy grahams and my snuggie. He curled up in my arms on the couch and said "I wuv you mommy. I kiss it and make you better." then proceeded to kiss my face and head all over.

Monday night we had a group of friends over for one of their birthdays. We had a blast but we had a few snafus. Still, had fun. Good food, better cake, great company. The kids had fun getting to play too which of course always makes for an epic bedtime. D was out fast by the time the last people hit the main road.

Then on Tuesday, Tommy wrecked my van. Not bad wrecked but wrecked nonetheless. A fender bender I guess. The front headlight, fender and trim is all messed up. Oh, and the passenger door won't open. That has made things interesting for sure. Anyway, car wreck equaled huge fight equaled T sleeping at his parents so we could both cool off and figure ourselves out. I mostly figured out that I can't sleep when he is around snoring but I also can't sleep when he isn't. Go figure.

On the plus side though, it was a little bit of a wake up call to T about how much it sucks to not have a vehicle and I have had the van back all week. The boys and I have been doing much running around. Lots of stores, trying desperately to find a pair of shoes that meet my criteria and actually fit K's feet. His brother has always had huge feet but K has always had tiny feet. Not an issue until they hit shoe wearing age apparently. When no one has size 4 shoes that aren't either those weird, slick leather bottom ones or the ones that look like tiny Nikes. His feet are also really fat so they have to be able to accommodate that too. I am going to have to break down and pay the bajillion dollars for the good ones I suppose.

I also spent the majority of our out time looking for Halloween clothes and costumes for the boys. I think they may have to do rerun costumes though. D will be thrilled to wear his dinosaur costume from last year and in theory, K could just wear D's old ninja Halloween costume but I would still like to find a monkey outfit for K since that is what I call him. If anyone sees any cute, reasonably priced monkey suits, let me know.

I did get to start my Pumpkin Spice latte fun this week though. I got addicted to those last year after I had K. If you haven't tried one, I totally suggest them. Found out too that they can make cold versions too. The Frappuccino is totally awesome. Even better than the hot one and if you know me, thats huge.

We still have a ton of things to put together for the boy's birthday parties. Next Thursday is Tommy's birthday and then that weekend we have two birthday parties to attend on Saturday, then the next week is my boys birthdays (OMG guys, I am gonna have a three year old and a one year old! Meltdown city!  ). Their joint party is the weekend following that. So, all that to say, I have two weeks to get their party stuff organized. I used to be such a planner. Then I had kids. 

This weekend though, I plan on just taking it easy. We are just going to hang out around the house and chill. Probably have a cookout with my mother on Monday since T will be off but otherwise we really just need some family reconnect time.

So, yeah. Not a great week but not a horrible one either. I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires!


  1. You've had quite the week. Sorry about the headache, fender bender, etc.
    I can't believe you're already thinking about Halloween costumes. I can think about 4 days in advance.
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. LOL aww sounds like quite a week. AS for your boys shoes. This is something i learned from my mom. Boys destroy their shoes or grow out of them too fast. Its not worth it to spend the bucket of bucks on them. Let them wear those potatoe clog loooking things or flip flops until their feet stop growing. which unfortunetly is when they hit 23. LOL. My siblings and I went to a private school growing up and we had this awesome thing called shoe swap. The school realized that the shoes were freakishly expensive for parents to be dishing out for new pairs every few months so they created this thing were when you greww out of your shoes you could give your small shoes and get a bigger pair from the shoe swap. And so on, obviously the shoes had to be in good condition. It was such a relief to the parents. lol. I remember when they announced it my mum was like THANK GOD..LOL.

    Anyway, happy holiday weekend! hope the migraines and nosebleeds dont return!!


  3. Sounds like D has been watching his mommy and knows how to make it all better!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Becky Jane

  4. I'm on my third PSL this week. I think they came out 4 days ago...sad world, but i joined the Starbucks rewards and now I can earn a free know I never knew your blog had Music on it (my sound is always off in case of random BUZZ)I've had it open all afternoon listening to it.

  5. Jesus I'm a loser, it wasn't even your is wrong with me. <3 you

  6. Oh how dreadful! I used to have migraines, too. Thanks for finding me! Sounds like you've got your hands full there!

  7. We are in the same boat as far planning a birthday party. I am literally ordering my invitations now! So much to do so little time!

    I am definitely gonna have to go try the pumpkin spice latte too!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and following! Your blog has been fun to read! I look forward to reading more.

  8. Wow, what a week, the good and the bad! What D did when you didn't feel well is one of the sweetest things I've ever heard! You are one lucky mom!

    Pumpkin spice latte...YUMMY! And it always gets me in the fall spirt!

    Hope you are having a nice, relaxing weekend!


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