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I have a Facebook page. Really, who doesn't? Recently some of my friends have posted some really awesome links to articles and blogs. If you know me, you know the kind of articles I like. Articles about breastfeeding and attachment parenting in general but also safety and info on the "greener" side.

Seeing as how I have had a brain crushing migraine for the past six days and it continues this morning (yes, I called the doctor), I figured I would share some of those sites with you and some of my personal favorites (No meat here today guys. My brains hurt.). I divided them into sections and I hope all of you can find something that is of use to you!

Attachment Parenting:

First, if you are looking for some awesome information or resources Attachment Parenting International (API) is the place to go. You will find tons of information on gentle parenting and lots of articles about why AP is what so many people are choosing over more old fashioned parenting techniques. There is a little for everyone here, breast or bottle feeders, stay at home or working parents. There is also an entire section dedicated to older children and teens and the challenges that go along with those age groups. Attachment never stops.

Second, of course, would be Dr. Sears. Tons of advice here guys. Almost too much. I have seen a few times conflicting articles on the same subject here. To some AP people Dr. Sears is the know all, end all but there are some things I disagree with. Won't get into that but either way, a great resource and starting point for the AP lifestyle.

Then, an article on breastfeeding support called "The Simplest Breastfeeding Advice I Know" by an inspiring blogger Birthing Beautiful Ideas. If you have been around awhile, you know how I feel about this one. If you haven't been around for awhile, start here. I think this article can be applied to so much more than breastfeeding though. Being a new mom or even an expecting mom is so hard. Women need the encouragement and so often they don't get it. I am a very lucky woman and T has always been very supportive of and involved in making sure our breastfeeding relationships worked and lasted. He is a huge supporter of babywearing and developing secure attachment with our boys too. So, if you know a new mom or even an experienced mom, encourage her to keep breastfeeding. Encourage her that she is doing a great job. Its so important to success.

For baby wearing info, there is only one place to go, The Baby Wearer. Information on types of carriers, benefits, safety and even an awesome forum to connect with other like minded parents. Can't be beat.

If you are a baby wearing parent and you haven't seen this video... do. Its called Baby Mamas (Put a sling on 'em). Done to that crappy Beyonce song's tune, its campy. Its corny. Its hilarious.


For those of you wondering "Why go green?", Planet (a division of Discovery) has the answers for you. Check out the sublinks there for way more info than any of you probably care to read. If you do care though, there is some really great stuff there. The "By The Numbers" article blew me away!

For those of you that are thinking of, or already do, cloth diaper your little ones, the Diaper Jungle has an awesome information guide.They also have a ton of information about sewing your own diapers, reviews of brands, articles and a section devoted to helping WAHMs get their businesses out there.

For reviews of diapers and businesses there is Diaper Pin. I always check this site before I buy anything new or from a new company. Lots of good info. They have a sales and announcements section to that is worth checking out from time to time just to see whats on sale where.

If you are thinking, "why cloth", the Real Diaper Association has a totally awesome documented facts list (with sources) for you to peruse. It lists the reasons by factor and honestly, there are some that really compelling, and some that are kind of like... meh, who cares. Still though, a great resource.

Looking for a great, inexpensive green cleaner? We use hydrogen peroxide. Yep, like the stuff in your medicine cabinet. You can use it on just about anything, it disinfects and it gets things clean. What else could you ask for? Check here for a ton of uses and benefits. We also use the powdered form (sodium percarbonate) a ton too. I get the Sun brand because its super cheap and works wonders. I have used H2O2 on pretty much everything and have never been disappointed including occasional use on my diapers. Who says going green can't be cheap?

Of course, there some things we use vinegar on instead. Like our windows and glass, to unclog drains, greasy nasties and removing smells. It can be used as a rinsing agent in diapers as well to help break down the ammonia salts (from pee) and prevent build up. It is quite acidic though and doesn't disinfect like you sometimes need with two little kids running around.

Speaking of vingear, did you know that apple cider vinegar has a ton of health benefits? I know alot of you will say "ewwww" to it but trust me, the benefits are worth it (Meghan). I have used it to clear up sinus infections on myself and its like magic. I can feel a difference after one (very diluted) glass. It can be used to clean your hair, also called "No poo". It is a powerful, natural weight loss tool. Can be used to aid with things like diabetes and acid reflux too.

For general green information, check out Healthy Child, Healthy World. This is a great site if you are new to green or are trying to convince someone to be green. They have info on chemicals and their effects that will make your skin crawl. The blog section is always updated with the latest stories so its worth bookmarking. They also have a get involved section with tons of way for you to be active in trying to better the world inside and outside you community.


First, a website called Keep Kids Healthy has a basic primer for new parents on keeping kids safe. Scary, but there are some people that don't even know the basics.

Second, an article from The Stir called "9 lifesaving Car Seat Rules You're Probably Ignoring". Guys, this is serious stuff. If you aren't using your car seat correctly, there could be dire consequences. I see so many kids and babies whose car seats aren't being used properly and it seriously scares me. Numbers 4 and 6 are the biggest culprits around here for sure. Take some time and check this one out even if you don't look at anything else.

Also, on the car seat front, there are a lot of websites and articles out there stressing the importance of keeping your kids rear- facing as long as possible. This is a pretty sensitive subject. There are people that insist their kid just isn't happy rear facing so they turn them ASAP, no matter what is safest. Then there are the people that think the other people should be ruled child abusers. I am somewhere in the middle. My kids are safest rear facing? Check, they will rear face as long as possible. I actually just replaced our seats in February after I totaled our van and bought the Radian XTSL for both boys (highly recommend them!). I had already turned D around before the wreck because he hit the weight limit of the one he was in but I still toy with turning him back to rear facing since the seat goes to 45lbs that way. Maybe one day I'll try it and see what he thinks. Anyway (sorry for the ramble, told you my brains are fried), Car Safety. org has a ton of info in general about car seats including this article about extended rear facing and its benefits. It also has a basic info page and an awesome FAQ page.

The internet was all a-buzz recently over baby wearing safety because of those stupid Infantino slings. Saying things that educated baby wearers had been saying for years about the bag type slings. As a matter of fact, the Infantino slings had been the bane of our existence so to speak. People would see you wearing your baby, and no matter what kind of carrier you were actually using, they would be all "You know those got recalled right? Baby wearing is dangerous." STFU unless you know what you are talking about people. For reals. Anyway, (sore spot much??) I thought I would share some info on safe baby wearing practices with you, so people can stop accosting me in the supermarket. Babywearing International has a great basic safety page that everyone that even carries their baby should read. They also have a newborn safety page that is great for new moms and dads that will be wearing their babies. The big lesson here is to always remember the rule "close enough to kiss" and keeping baby's chin up, not tucked in (both of which the evil Infantinos ignored). You should always be able to kiss your baby on the head without using your hands.

Ok, thats it for now. If you have any to share, please either email me or post them here. I love researching things to death and I love reading new things. I may even add them here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I also research things to death! I did a post a few months ago about my experience researching extended rear facing. It was quite controversial (like you said), but a few other blogs picked it up and brought it on as a guest post, which made me excited to think that the word was spreading. I think that people just don't know the information. If I wasn't a research type of person, I never would have know the facts!


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