Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Drama Llama Visits Mommyland

She is back in town in the mommy world. It started a few days ago, the buzz about Katy Perry was going to be on Sesame Street. It was a mix of excited and who cares. I, for one, am in the who cares camp. I could care less about Katy Perry and lets face it, anyone that is awesome is on Yo Gabba Gabba right now anyway.

Then they released the video and all hell broke loose. The collective mama drama was all over everything.

"How could they publish this??"

"Boobs! OMG! I can see boobs!"

"Just distasteful! My kids won't watch it."

I started getting pictures in my head of Katy Perry and I started thinking about it. Her boobs are smaller than mine and I am pretty majorly lacking in the cleavage department. I saw what she wore to the VMAs though so I thought it must be something like that. Whole boob showing or something.

The news came out this morning that Sesame Street had decided to pull the segment with Katy Perry and her cleavage. I eventually got curious and went looking and found the video.

You guys, I literally sat through the whole video twice looking for the scandalous cleavage shot. I thought maybe I missed it the first time. Nope, apparently any boobage at all is now "cleavage" in the eyes of the drama mamas out there. I am more offended by her head dress. My kids see more cleavage at Target on a regular basis. Heck ever heard of wonder woman? Now she had some nice cleavage.

So, what do you guys think? Too Risque? Silliness? Are my kids going to boob obsessed because they watched it with me? Guess I should add that to next weeks mommy confessions?

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