Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mommy Confessions Week 3

Ok, so we all have them. I have decided its time to stop keeping them to myself in hopes that other mommies will realize that none of us are perfect. Here are my dirty little secrets for the week in hopes it will encourage me to be better. What are yours?
~ This past weekend we went to the pool with a couple of my girlfriends and their families. We ended up swimming and chatting and playing for about 3 hours. Much fun was had. Towards the end, poor little K, who had splashed his little heart out for most of the day, was done. Done, done. So, I nursed him a little and he passed out in my arms. We all said our goodbyes and my little family headed back up the hill to our place. When we got there, I just laid K down in his bed so he could continue his nap. Not bad right? Except (you knew there was one of those coming didn't you?), I totally spaced on the fact that he was still only wearing his swim diaper. Now, if you have ever had a kid in one of those, you know how much they hold. I didn't realize it, even though I had checked on him several times, until he woke up from his nap 3 hours later, still soaking wet... with pee.

~ I really shouldn't try to blog when the kids are awake. Not only do I make all kinds of spelling and grammatical errors but when I look up after publishing, my house looks like a hurricane came through. So I spend the rest of the day cleaning up the mess they made in the ten minutes it took me to type the stinkin' post. Blogger and mommy fail.

~ My youngest son, K, busted his lip the other day. He was standing at the coffee table and I reached my hands out to him expecting him to either cruise over to me or grab my hand like usual and instead he just let go of the table and went limp. The poor little guy expected me to catch him but I was too far away. I felt horrible but he got over it pretty quickly. I guess that is just part of being a baby but I still feel like the worst mommy ever.

~ Two mornings this week I have slept in really late and left my husband to take care of the boys. I am not really sure who I feel more sorry for there. T for getting a dose of the craziness that seems to beset the house when the boys wake up or them for dealing with Daddy not knowing what to feed them or where the diapers are or what to do when they gang up on him and tear the house apart. So, I have gotten up to chaos two days this week but I got some much needed rest and the boys got to eat crap for breakfast so they aren't complaining.

~ I realized yesterday at 4 o'clock that K has a hearing test this morning. I really should be better about putting appointments in my phone. It would be different if this was the first (or second or ten thousandth) time it had happened.


  1. I always love reading these! Im going to have to post some of mine soon

  2. Im guilty of blogging while kids are awake and my house is a disaster!!


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