Friday, August 6, 2010

The Things We've Learn as a Parents

I was out with my family the other day for lunch and in a small local coffee paper there was an article about the way things change when you become a parent. About how some of the things are so subtle, you don't even notice they are happening and some of them are so ridiculous, only a parent would understand. It made me and T start thinking about some of the things we have learned as parents and some of them are pretty funny. Some of them are things we thought we would never do as parents or things that we wondered about before.

So, we started a list. These are some of the things we have learned:

~Exactly how long it takes to microwave enough dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets to fill a hungry two year old without them getting crunchy and inedible.

~How to change a diaper in the dark, in a parked car, on a wiggling child, all at the same time.

~Which lines of your toddler's longest bedtime books can be skipped with out changing the story to get them to bed before midnight.

~How bright and beautiful a full moon really is in the middle of the night.

~How fabulous velcro on shoes and hooded towels really are. Admit it, you used to think they were weird.

~Where all of the public restrooms are in any given store or place of business that you go into. Even if this is your first time there, you take inventory upon arriving.

~Why people panic when they realize a special binkie/ blanket/ toy goes missing.

~How to unlock your front door holding a baby, two gallons of milk, six grocery bags, a diaper bag, your toddlers hand and a drink without putting anything down. All so you don't have to go back to the car.

~ How much it hurts you when your baby is hurting. Its a real and tangible feeling!

~The names of all species of dinosaurs and what each one looks like. Sound isn't an issue since they all say "RAWR!". (This is a big one in our house right now.)

~That somehow white socks stay in pairs but patterned socks that go with a specific outfit are magnets for the sock stealing gnome that lives in your dryer.

~That when your child comes to you to get a boo- boo kissed, you will kiss it first and then wonder when the last time that body part was washed.

~That you can make edible play-doh for about 1/8th of the price of real play-doh out of peanut butter and its actually pretty tasty to clean up.

~The way Cheerios crunch into a million pieces and stick to your feet when you step on them.

~How to quickly navigate a house littered with legos and other sharp toys at 3 a.m. without turning the lights on to comfort your child.

~Schedule Schmedule. They go to sleep when they are sleepy.

~ Your heart really does grow with every child you have. There is no such thing as a "favorite". Its just not possible.

~ Why your mommy friends were always late to everything. Something you didn't understand when  you didn't have kids of your own. Its something you have to experience.  

~ What true exhaustion feels like. Its way worse than any hangover you have ever experienced.

~ You can't protect them from everything. Boo- boos are going to happen. Its how you handle them when they do, that makes a difference.

~ You can do pretty much anything with your feet. At least I can.

Feel free to leave the things you have learned along the way in the comments!


  1. Love this! I'm feeling the 'true exhaustion' today!

  2. i so agree.. and if i may add

    ~How to change a diaper in the dark, in a parked car, on a wiggling child, all at the same time. plus in a moving car hahahah

  3. That is so funny. I would never have believed all those until I became a parent.

  4. I learned not to judge my parents so harshly for the things they did when I was growing up.

    I learned that while cleaning up after an accident or being sick is never pleasant, it is not as disgusting when someone you love did it.

    I am stopping by on the NoGo blog hop. Nice blog.

  5. I love this list! Yes, we can do so many things like locking the front door when holding a baby, groceries a purse and so much more! I love velcro on shoes. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  6. Very true! love your list!!!



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