Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pod Person

Sometimes, I look at my oldest son, stomping his feet and screaming no at me and I wonder to myself, "where is my child?". The one that sits quietly and plays with his brother. The easy going laid back kid. The one that says please and thank you to everything. You know, the one who never acts like this. No really, he doesn't. Until days like today. Today was rough on Mr. D. He just simply wasn't getting his way and he was not afraid to let us know that he was not happy about it. Us, and the whole restaurant full of people we were attempting to dine with at lunch.

I guess I can't really blame him this time. Its been a long couple of days. Thursday we spent almost all day running errands and waiting for a friend to call for lunch, then he only got an hours nap before we headed out to Tommy's parents for swimming and dinner. Then Friday we woke up (late) to hear we would be making the three hour trip each way to Northern Alabama to help out my mom with something. So, no nap yet again. Plus, we didn't get home until just after midnight. Plus plus, hes two. And a half. 'Nuff said.

Still, I can't help but wonder sometimes what gets into him. Its like, sometime in the night, he has been possessed by an alien being. A pod person. Then, just like it never happened, he snaps out of it and is back to happy, easy going D. Maybe someday I will understand. Maybe I never will. For now, he is curled up under my arm watching a movie. Peaceful and content as ever, almost as if he is making up for the wildness this afternoon. Adios pod person, welcome home lovie.


  1. When you figure that out because my daughter does the same thing. Hang in there. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  2. thanks for the follow and for the comment. everyone except my daughter does think i have lost my mind lol but its fun. following you back ...


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