Monday, July 12, 2010

Back online!

In case you haven't noticed, we got our internet back last week. I am loving the 4G speed but I have to admit, I still do a lot of what I do online on my phone. What? I'm lazy and can do it from bed.

Anyway, we had a pretty relaxing weekend. Had a night out with my girlfriends Friday, groceries on Saturday, and pool day yesterday. The highlight of the weekend was D pushing K around in the push car at Target. Sometimes I swear that kid is as ADD as I am. Every time we turned a corner, we had to remind D to bring his brother with him. Poor little K kept getting left behind. Made for some strange looks and hilarity.

K, today, has been cracking me up. He crawls into the coffee table headfirst, bonks his head, plops down on his butt, shakes his finger at it and yells "Nononononooo BRUBRA!". Repeat. I guess its a way of telling that D is definitely teaching him something. Usually though its D trying to keep K out of his toys instead of hitting his head but hey, imitation I guess.

Oh, and D's arm is fine. We ended up taking the brace off ourselves because it seemed to be bothering him and we couldn't get an appointment until late this week (?!). He has been using it like normal so we canceled the appointment. We are supposed to take him in if it seems to be bothering him in the future. I'm glad he seems to be back to normal with it. Watching your baby suffer is NO FUN.

I also realized this weekend that I have been totally slacking in the 365/ 2010 list department. I will be updating those this week too (links on the side). I probably should have been doing that along the way... I did get back to Music Monday this week though! If you want to join in, go for it! I love reading other peoples thoughts.

So, thats your mini update for now. Hope it helps even with the ramble.

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  1. Well hello and Fancy Meeting You! I'm glad you linked up so I could visit and read your mini update. So 4G is fast, huh? I was wondering about that. Thanks for linking up. I am now following, too.

    ~ Lynn


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