Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mission Complete!

Ladies and gentlemen we pulled it off! My sister and I successfully surprised my mother. Which, if you knew her, is nearly impossible. My sister, for you newbies here, lives in a suburb of NYC way up North and we had not seen her since just after Christmas. Not cool. My sister and I have always been very close and for her to be that far away is so hard on both of us. A few weeks ago she told me that she had bought a ticket to fly down and see us and much *squee*-ing ensued. The only condition was that I couldn't tell Mom. Ok. I can do that. I think...

Two weeks of almost letting it all slip out and losing my mind trying not to show my excitement followed. It seemed like everything I saw or did with my Mother for those two weeks reminded me of my sister. Things she would say would make me want to blurt out how many more days/ hours it was until her plane landed. I couldn't mention it on Twitter or Facebook or even here because I have some of her friends on them and they are the type that might let something slip. I am still pretty surprised I kept my cool considering. I'm telling you, it was torture.

Anyway, I had arranged for my Mom to take D home from his summer camp on Thursday afternoon so we could clean the house and get ready for the weekend. She was excited because she always likes to spend time with him. I told her we were going to bring K by later that day so that me and T could go and a date. My Sister , in the meantime, landed in Atlanta on Thursday night and caught a ride up our way. When she finally arrived at my house there was much more *squee*-ing and hugging and she got re acquainted with K for a bit. Then we took off to surprise mom.

That she was too. She came out to the car to greet us and my sister was there. D was the first to recognize his "T'Aunti" and ran screaming up and wrapped his arms around her legs. Mom was just kind of dumb- struck. She just kept repeating "What? What??". Finally she got to my sister and they hugged and cried and hugged and cried. It was so sweet. It had worked! We pulled one over on her! She told us later though that she had gotten a little fainty from the surprise so I think we probably will spare her next time.

So, we have spent the whole weekend just hanging out. Going to the pool, a trip to the jump house that D always looks for her at even when its been months, cooking and eating. She just stepped back in like no time had gone by at all. It has been so nice to have her here and I am already having pains thinking about her heading home tomorrow evening. I know it will be sad for all of us grown ups but it really makes me sad that D and K just won't know where she went. This time, it had better not me 7 months before we get to see her again. Hopefully next time we will be the ones visiting her but that is always more complicated with the 5 of us than it is for the 1 of her.

So there you have it, the big secret. Now that you all know, I am off to rest before we hit the pool again this evening with a group of her friends and of course our little family. Completed, even if shortly, by her presence.

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