Monday, May 3, 2010

We're on our way!

We are off! I know I said I wouldn't be posting from vacation but here I am. Bored in the car. Found a new bloggy posting app too. (Don't worry, T is driving.)

We are headed to the beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and still about 250 miles out from our destination but so far we are having lots of fun. I drove first and T had kid entertaining duty. He ended up with the job of drawing assorted animals and inanimate objects on D's little magnet board. At first he didn't want to because he insisted he "can't draw". After much convincing he tried his hand at it and D was thrilled with the dino that he had drawn. T spent the next hour drawing every dinosaur either one could think of. The stegosaurus was my favorite.

Ok, I'm off again! Just so you know, on case you didn't figure it out, Music Monday is off for the week! It will be back next week though so stay tuned!

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