Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day two

We made it! Last night we went to the beach, dinner and bed so you didn't hear from me. We made it safe and sound though and all is well. Our suite is so nice. Way better than I expected for the price. We have a kitchen! I might be a little too excited about that. Two bedrooms too so we can seperate the boys and they won't wake each other.  The boys slept great but I'm not surprised. They were tired from the car ride. I, however, hardly slept at all. Figures, right?

Today, D and me got up, got breakfast for everyone and brought it back for the other two sleeping goobers. Then we went to the Ripley's Aquarium here. T and I had been before but D was soo excited about the fish. It was way smaller than I remembered it being too. Maybe we are comparing it to the Georgia Aquarium. Oh well. Still fun.

We ate lunch and went back to the hotel for naps and such. I slept like a rock. I hope I can still sleep tonight. Anyway, woke up to a double rainbow over the beach and the most beautiful sky I've seen in awhile. We sat and watched it for a long time on the deck and now we are headed to a late dinner.

Tomorrow is going to be a big beach day I think. It rained all day today (hence the rainbows) but its supposed to be nice tomorrow. I know D will be excited. He has been wanting to go to the "big water" on the "bitch" all day. I'll try to remember to let you know how it goes! You have to wait until we get home for pictures here but you can also check out my Twitter page. I am posting pics there as we go!

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