Sunday, May 2, 2010

20 Random Things About Me

1. I am a little over six feet tall. And I hate every second of it. Every time someone pulls an "I wish I were your height" I want to strangle them. Seriously, I have a lifetime of special order $70 jeans and buying shirts three times too big to get the length I need ahead of me here people. Plus, the loveliness of being gawked at and commented on every where I go. Yeah, I can reach shit on high shelves but honestly is that worth it? Not to me.

2. I am not ticklish. It actually just kind of pisses me off when people try to tickle me. T says I am just good at hiding it but I really don't find any enjoyment in being aggressively poked in the ribs. Call me crazy.

3. I love the show America's Next Top Model. Its like that train wreck you can't look away from. T and I are usually pretty good at picking out who will win early on in the season too so we have to watch to make sure we were right. Right? Whats funny is that the boys seem to like it too. D did when he was a baby and K does now. Maybe its the high pitched screaming of the "models" or maybe its the pretty colors or whatnot but either way, its pretty funny. They will watch that longer than anything else.

4. I prefer natural sugars like fruit over things like chocolate. Seriously. I could eat a whole watermelon in one sitting but give me a cuppy cake and I can't eat the whole thing.

5. I'm a total sucker for babies. I'm that crazy lady in the grocery store that talks to all the babies whether mom is looking or not. Don't worry, I won't touch but I can't resist looking and awwwww-ing. I joke with friends that I could be one of those crazy people you hear about on the news that stole a baby.. but its a joke. Honest. Unless you know someone who has a baby they would loan me for a day... or so.

6. I don't take compliments well. I never know what to say. So if you say something nice to me and I don't respond or I give an excuse as to why its not true, thats why.

7. I had a 99 average in Advanced Chemistry in school. However, ask me to do simple math and I'm lost. Seriously can't divide in half even. Is there a word for that?

8. I eat my hamburgers upside down. Like, top bun to tongue. I have NO idea why or when that started but I have done it as long as I can remember.

9. For the most part, I would rather watch a kids movie than an adult one. I really prefer the cartoon variety too. Kids movies are usually just so easy to watch. They are cutesy, funny and have next to no plot. No thinking required. Adult movies get all heavy and make you think. Who has time for that? Not that I don't occasionally enjoy having to think about movies but usually I'm too tired to really care. (This may actually be tied to #3...)

10. Every time any one says the word "waffle" in my presence, I always smell maple syrup. I think it has to be some kind of mental thing but it happens every time. I guess it could be tied to something worse...

11. I type looking at the computer screen but I have to unfocus my eyes to do it. If I focus on the keys or the screen, I type slower and make a ton more typos. I credit this to my high school typing teacher in Houston that used to put covers over our keys and the screen so we would learn where the keys are by touch. Thanks lady. Now, if I ever go blind, I can still type.

12. My eyes are a different color depending on what color I am wearing. They range from a light gray to dark navy blue to grass green. Someone once told me I had "pretty hazel eyes" too. Weirdness. 

13. I dropped out of  my water aerobics class in college because it was too hard. It was the hardest class I had that semester. Who knew? (My sister did, thats who. She reminded me.)

14. I have never tasted SPAM. Gross. Just gross.

15. Usually, I'm fairly "green" about things but I'm weird about used clothes. I very rarely buy used clothes for the kids. What if the kid that wore them before had some weird disease? What if they poo'ed in them? Eww. Remember the Lewinsky dress?? Also, if they get stained, I have a hard time letting them wear them again. I have no idea where that comes from. I am way less than a neat freak but I am so twitchy about this. I usually end up taking the stained item to a sale shop or Goodwill so it can be worn again though. I guess that makes me feel a little less crazy.

16. I will not eat anything that I don't know what it is. If someone hands me something to eat but won't tell me what it is, I won't eat it. I was very picky as a child with the things I ate and this is pretty much the only remaining trace of it. Other wise I like to eat too much to turn things down.

17. If you ask how I am doing I almost always say "Tired". Even if I'm not. I don't know why I do it even. Its like verbal diarrhea. Just comes out before I think about it.

18. I am not a fruity drink kind of girl. I prefer beer or red wine to a margarita any day. Also, straight liquor usually makes me gag unless I have already been drinking for awhile.

19. I am a total chicken shit when it comes to roller coasters. I have panic attacks waiting in line to ride them. IF I actually make it to the line. T has managed to trick me onto two of them. One, I screamed till I ran out of breath on. The other, the guy sitting next to me was seriously worried about me, while T was laughing his ass off. Never again will I get on anything he suggests again.

20.  I hate doing dishes. Like, a LOT. All that leftover goo on the dishes? Bleck. I don't even like thinking about it. That is T's job here at the house. I take care of the laundry and he does dishes. Most of the time...

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  1. Hehe you stole this from me! :) I loved reading it. I feel like I know you so much more now! I wish I was as tall as you! ;) (hehehe that was a joke!)


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