Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm back!

Hello there bloggy friends! I am back online! For a few days. Sorry to have disappeared so weirdly this week. My laptop got a virus late Monday night. T of course says I did it somehow but he is the one that had downloaded some random game site with out scanning it. Again. So not the first time its happened but now its gone so it doesn't really matter. I do feel like I missed out on some fun this week though. I totally missed out on the rest of Grumbles & Grunts Kindness and Karma week that I was excited about. Totally bummed. Plus, I came back to about a million new posts and now I can't catch up. Alas, its fixed and now I am back to you.

Until Monday. When we leave for five days to go on vacation. I am, for the most part going to be shutting down the computer when we leave and not turning it back on until we get home. I will probably still be updating my Twitter account though and the link is in my side bar or click here if you would like to keep up with me. I just got a few samples in from Ecomom today too and we will be taking them with us to try out. When I get back there will be a giveaway, so keep an eye out.

Things have been crazy busy around here trying to get ready for our trip though. So I am logging out and heading to bed for now. Hopefully much will get accomplished tomorrow and I can relax on Sunday!


  1. Have fun! I got some Ecomom today too! Babe really liked the mango he tried!

  2. Have a wonderful trip! Visiting and following from Friday Follow. Hope you’re having a great weekend thus far.

    ~ Lynn

  3. WOOO Vacation. Glad you got compy fixed. :D


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