Monday, April 26, 2010


So, everyone tells you that your body will never be the same after kids. After all, you grow a human, right? Makes sense. Most of the changes I expected. The loose skin, the stretch marks, the wider hips. Its okay though, they are so worth it. (If you get squeamish talking body stuff, you might stop here). What weirds me out is the weird bone popping it seems to have caused. I seem to creak and crack in places that I didn't even know I were possible. Did you know your sternum could pop? I didn't. Mine does though. At least now it does. Its not something I dealt with before kids. I actually went as far as to call my midwife about it the other day. I was really freaked out here people. She calmly explained that since my chest cavity had expanded during pregnancy that sometimes it has a hard time closing back up and air gets trapped and thats when I stopped listening. Eww, gross Simone.

Then there is the nerve or muscle or whatever it is in my extreme lower back that gets all out of whack occasionally. Its in a spot somewhere in my pelvis and it makes my whole lower back hurt. This is not a sciatic nerve thing. I have that too, but it can usually get that one to wiggle back into place and it stops hurting.

So, what kind of weirdness did your kids do to your body? Or am I the only one with weirdness??

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