Monday, April 26, 2010

An Update

I'm not sure if anyone remembers the lady that I met in the Irish Pub here in town a bit back. I just thought I would let you all know, that I did hear back from her. She called me early last week and told me that she had found my phone number on the napkin in her purse and decided to give me a call*. The good news: She is still nursing! She said she had finally told her husband to shut it and he pretty much had. She said he still wasn't what she would call supportive but that he at least wasn't as ugly to her anymore. She said her family had sort of laid off too. They mostly just don't mention anything "feeding the baby" related to her at all and it has been working out pretty well that way. They finally stopped dropping by with supplies, too.

The bad news: With all the stress and returning to work, her supply dropped quite a bit. She said she still had a little bit of milk in her freezer but she just wasn't pumping enough. I gave her the name of a few things that should help her boost her supply in general and shared some tips on improving what she gets from pumping but I also gave her the name of my lactation consultant supervisor and told her to try to get in touch with her. She mentioned thinking about supplementing with formula until she got it back up and I agreed. You can't let your baby starve, but I encouraged her to not give up on pumping unless she was ready to be done nursing and she said she would do everything she could.

So, thats it. Things are looking up for her! That is great news to me! Even with the impending threat of supplementation (which she doesn't want to do btw, its not just me being all crazy). I told her she was welcome to call me anytime and invited her to our playgroup but something tells me I won't hear from her again. Maybe it was something in the way she said bye or maybe its just the inevitable cycle I already see coming. If I do, though, I'll let you know!

(*I did ask her about blogging this and she said it was fine, just not to use her name.)


  1. YEA!! I am glad to hear she is still nursing! Maybe you were just the encouragement she needed to hear that day to keep going!

  2. poor thing. i just went back and read about the time you met her. it makes my blood boil to hear about a husband and a family acting like that. i want to reach through the internet and do just what you did and give her a hug.

    nice work on the mom outreach :)


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