Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CNN breastfeeding report

If you have not read it yet, DO. You can read it HERE. It reports on things that the breastfeeding community has known for years. Some how having a major new source has validated it and people are starting to actually listen! The benefits to breastfeeding your baby are astounding and the argument that formula is "just as good" is taking hit after hit here recently. Babies are dying of illnesses that can be lessened or eradicated just be breastfeeding. Especially in premature babies. Granted there are women out there who actually can not breastfeed but those reasons are so few and far between.  As women we need to stand together and encourage each other to breastfeed for the health of our babies. We also, however, need our health care system to get behind us as well. I consider this article a call to action! Who is with me??

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