Sunday, March 28, 2010

Operation Egg Drop

Yesterday morning I woke up, bumbled around and got breakfast ready, and then sat down at the computer to check up on all the social networking things I have gotten my self into. When I went to check in on Facebook, I saw my sister in law's post about this event and remembered that she had called me about it a few weeks back. Basically a helicopter drops eggs on a field and the kids get to collect them for candy. I had promptly forgotten about it at the time but her post made me remember that it was something that I had wanted to do with the kids. So, I called T and asked when he would be done with work and called my mother to see if she wanted to go with us. T planned to meet us there and mom headed our way. I packed all of us a picnic and drinks and spare clothes for both kids and we all piled in the van.

We got to the park and D was so freaking excited to see the helicopter. Like, more excited about the helicopter than the playground even and if you know him, thats a big deal. We had some time to kill before the drop got started for his age group so we let him play in some of the inflatable jump houses they had there and then ate our picnic while D watched the helicopter land and take off as it gave people rides between bites.

After lunch we went and got in line for the egg drop for D's age group. They told us that only one parent was allowed on the field with each participating child which, if you have ever tried to encourage a toddler to do anything and take pictures at the same time was kind of chaos, but ok. We decided that I would be the one to go since T had K sleeping in the Ergo on his chest and my mom.. Well, that would not have been good. He loves his Nana but he doesn't listen to her at all.

So, D and me stood in line waiting and he was all gung ho about doing it until the helicopter came and actually dropped the eggs. That kind of freaked him out a little and all of a sudden he got his serious face on. They let us all onto the field but we had to wait for everyone to get through the fence before we could actually start the "hunting" which led to lots of tantrums all around us but D did awesome with waiting. He kept saying "mama, it is turn yet?". Silly boogy.

Finally they said it was time to go and D took off running towards the eggs with his basket. Once he got there though he wasn't quite sure what to do. He picked up two eggs and looked at me with a priceless look like "What now?". I showed him to put them in his basket and he was having none of it. Every time I would put an egg in his basket, he would take it out. Finally he realized all the other kids were putting eggs in their baskets and he followed suit. So, we ran around the field collecting the eggs until they were all gathered up. D was being a little OCD about the eggs that had snapped open and kept stopping to put them back together. I ended up doing that for him a time or two just so he could continue having fun and stop obsessing like his 28 year old mother. Once his basket was to his satisfaction he started "helping" the other kids fill their basket. It was so freaking cute. My little mother hen.

When all he eggs had been picked up we headed off the field where the kids turned in their eggs for candy. D willingly dumped his basket in the bag for empty eggs but he gave the guy holding it one nasty look when he realized that he wasn't going to get them back. Everything was all better once the replaced the eggs with a big handful of candy though. He thought that was pretty awesome.

 When we got done there, I needed to nurse K so we walked over to the pond in the middle of the park so that D, T, and mom could feed the giant catfish while I fed K. D thought that was pretty awesome too and didn't want to leave when it was time. The boys were both totally exhausted though so it was definitely time to go. It was so much fun though, I am glad we were able to make it up there. I wouldn't have known what I had missed but now I know that its something we need to try to do every year. Next year we will have two little egg hunters!

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  1. That's so exciting! We don't have any interesting easter events around here, unfortunately. I wish that we did! Following you from Friday Follow. :) I hope you visit us and follow in return!


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