Friday, March 26, 2010

The blahs

Today, I have the blahs. D woke up screaming at the top of his lungs this morning and hour earlier than he usually gets up. I think he must have had a bad dream because he is his happy, perky, crazy self. I, on the other hand, am exhausted and dizzy. Sounds fun right? Nothing like getting woken up from a dead sleep by the sound of your child screeching like a banshee. Fun times! Especially after all the fun and excitement yesterday with my father and T (story for another day).

I am determined to make the best of it though. I really do have a lot to get accomplished today. I have got to get the laundry caught up and get this house in order. I can't stand the clutter anymore. Then I have got to get the curtains hung in both boys' rooms. Well, technically I have to hang the curtains in D's room and rehang one of the curtains in K's.In order to do that though I have to go to the STSNBN and exchange the wall anchors I bought earlier this week for a smaller size. I need to find a plate hanger too somewhere. I also need to make a run by Payless shoes to try to find some sandals for D to wear now that the weather is getting closer to shorts season. I'm just not a fan of shorts and tennis shoes.

Oh, and I have to get gas in the van. Which, is certainly not my favorite thing in the world. I do, however, have to say, that after my experience with driving a hybrid this week that I am a little more okay with it. I try to be "green", I do, but that thing was such a pain to drive that I can faithfully say I won't be switching until they improve that technology. I have never had that many close calls and anxiety attacks driving a car. Ever.

So, anyway, this turned into a ramble but that is what I am up to today. Heres hoping that I can at least get the laundry sorted and clean. I just realized that I also need to make a list of things we need and need to pack for vacation. Five weeks! If only we were going somewhere more gun than Myrtle Beach. Oh, well. Wish me luck!


  1. Laundry. Ugh. I just now remembered.
    How is it we're always trying to catch up with it, yet I've never heard of anyone ever actually BEING caught up with it?
    New friday follower

  2. Hello! So nice to have a vacation to focus on and get ready for. I'm sure you'll have fun just getting away from laundry and cleaning... for a little while. :-)
    So glad to find your very honest and down to earth blog and writing. Following you back! Have a Great weekend! :-) Hugs, Coreen

  3. Laundry is a never ending battle! Good luck with catching up!

    I found you through Follow Friday and am now following. Have a great day!

  4. Following your lovely blog now on FF.

  5. Sounds like my day today! I need to bring shoes back the Payless, go to Trader Joes for some TBC and Home Depot for a new light fixture for the kitchen! I can't wait to see your Thursday !


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