Friday, July 11, 2014

Two Swimmy Fish

Its official, both my boys can swim! D learned to swim unassisted last Summer but has only gotten stronger and more confident this year. Lately he has been perfecting his dive. Its progressed from a cringe worthy belly flop to a much more sophisticated looking dive.

K on the other hand refused to be in the water and not be wrapped around your face and/ or have a swim vest on until this year. I even tried swim lessons to make it easier and it didn't help.

At the beginning of the swim season this year, I got him a new vest and let him have at it. He has been so much more confident this year its almost like a different kid. He jumps in and puts his face in and swims all around the pool chatting up strangers all day as long as he had his vest. If I took the vest off he would panic. Until recently. His confidence I  the water has grown by leaps and bounds in the last month. Then, today, I decided to try again.

Little fart had me snowed! He took off across the pool like it was no big deal. Jump in and swim to you, mom? No problem. Go fetch that diving ring from water over my head? Check. The only thing I cant convince him to do is backfloat. He is convinced he's going to drown on his back for some reason. Still, I'm impressed as heck. First they taught themselves to use the potty, then they taught themselves to swim. No complaints here!

How old were your kids when they learned to swim?

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