Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Little Gamble

At the end of last week I took a little trip up to the casino in Cherokee, North Carolina. I was kind of reluctant about going because I am generally the unluckiest kind of person. I don't know if its a personality flaw or just plain inexperience though, so I agreed to the trip.

Plus there was a chance at spending some time in the Smokies while there and I'm not like to turn that down. Ever.

We got up early and drove through some of the most dense fog I've ever seen for what seemed like a ridiculously long time ,but was really only about 3 hours, before we got to the Indian Reservation that the casino calls home. I'll just say I wasn't really impressed by the outside of the casino. It was kind of run down looking compared to what I was expecting I guess.

The inside though was gorgeous! There was a huge water feature and cool lighting and an electronic poker room. It was a lot bigger on the inside than I expected too.

Of course they don't build pretty (inside) buildings by people coming there and winning either. All in all I think we walked out with a little less than we went in with but it was a lot of fun wasting what little we did. My highest win was a dollar and I got all excited about it until my friend sat down at a machine and won fifty bucks right off. My poor deflated ego. 

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