Monday, November 12, 2012

My Earliest Memory

I was five. We were living in suburban Kansas at the time, recent transplants to the state from rural Alabama of all places. It was culture shock city for me. I had started Kindergarden but things weren't particularly going well for me. I was different. I talked different, I dressed different, I had different outlooks. Even in Kinder, those things matter.

I remember when my birthday came around my mother insisted on inviting the kids from my class at school. I was horrified at the thought. I begged her not to. I was just so sure they would scoff at my invites and laugh in my face.

They didn't though. They actually came. They came and we played in the back yard and it was like a new world. I felt like I finally fit in.

Of course the part I remember most vividly was the cake. It was a square, white cake and my mother had fashioned a bow over it with purple Bubble Tape to make it look like a gift wrapped box. I was so excited about that cake. I didn't even want her to put candles in it for me to blow out because it was just too awesome to my little mind.

We did at the party though and we all devoured the cake like angry little wolves. I dont remember if we had any other food at that party but I remember that cake.

My mother thinks its ridiculous that I remember that cake in such detail but she really thinks its weird that for some reason that is my earliest memory. I have no memories of living in Alabama at all. I have vague memories of moving into the house in Kansas and I can remember the inside and outside of the house like I can my house now but anything before that is a complete wash.

What is your very first memory as a child?

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