Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mama's Style Gets A Pinterest Makeover (Part One)

I have mentioned several times that my fashion sense leaves a lot to be desired. Occasionally I can pull together and outfit that isn't horrible for a special event or party but it better be really special or I am coming in blue jeans and a tee shirt. Heck, I even suck at jeans and tee shirt half the time. Being tall and not model thin presents way more challenges than its worth. Trust me.

In fact, I tend to start looking for blue jeans that will fit in about August to prepare for the fall and winter weather which doesn't appear here until at least November. Now, I am a little bit over six feet tall, something that some people say they would love to be. I say nay-nay my friends. Long legs + long torso + long arms = no clothing that actually fits. None. Not even the "tall" stuff usually. Mostly because the "tall" selection of clothing varies wildly. Take Old Navy's jeans for example. The "tall" they carry in the store is an inch and a half shorter than the "tall" they carry online. Seriously? Seriously. Now, what kind of sense that makes evades me but its one of those things you have to learn.

So, anyway, finding clothes that fit me is a struggle. Add that to the lack of fashion sense and you end up with outfits like this:
Yes, I wore this to work.
Now, while this isn't my worst outfit, its not flattering at all. What I am looking for is clothes that are still as comfortable as my jeans and tees but don't make me look like a middle school reject. So what did I do? I turned to Pinterest! *cue heavenly music*

The Pinterest style boards are full of pretty things. From $10k dresses to DIY Tee shirt makeovers. I opted to aim for the DIY and the "I can find something that looks like this for cheap" options. I am a master bargain hunter and innately cheap so those are my driving forces.

A few of my favorites so far:


Starting simple, no? I figure thats the best place to start. Then I can work my way up to the scary office life wardrobe that I dread so very much. I will update in a few weeks with my progress and hopefully I will have made some headway. Send me your good lucks and cheap clothes vibe! Goodness know I need it.

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