Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nostalgia on #TuneinTuesday

Nic + Bean

A very good friend of mine started up a new weekly link up called "Tune in Tuesdays". Those of you who have been around awhile remember the Music Mondays days around here and this is the same premise. A song you love to share with the group.


The summer after this album came out, my sister acquired it on cassette tape. I don't really remember how she got it but she did. Heavens knows our parents would never have allowed us to spend money on it. We spent a week at our Aunt Judy's house that year and we must have listened to this tape at least a million times over. Front to back and again. We sang aloud in Aunt Judy's basement while making up games on her pool table, occasionally taking a break to go lounge in the actual pool or make dirty jokes about the Mr. Bucket game they were advertising non-stop on the television. We bonded that summer in a new way. I was 13 and she had just turned 15. We were both out of that awkward preteen stage (finally) and we were finally back on the same page. It was that bond that would get us through the next several cross country moves together. Its the bond that still keeps us close. Almost twenty years later.

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