Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 List Update-ish

Ok, so those of you who don't know or forgot, every year I do a list. A list of "to-dos, to-sees, to-be-accomplished". This year's list included a few things that involved bettering myself and my little family. So far, we have done pretty good I think.

I have completed four so far. The travelling, clearing out of kids stuff, The getting D out of the house, the Photo Mojo, and dancing in the rain. All four of which have been loads of fun but I have to admit they may have been the easiest to accomplish. Maybe not emotionally but physically.

Now I am down to three months to get the other 7 items complete. Can you beieve its already October? Oy. At any rate, I have 3 months which means I have to accomplish at least two things a month in order to meet my goal for the year. Granted there are a few that are partially completed already.

Whats left:

#2- Redo-ing my kitchen. This will probably be the one I don't get to this year and it really hurts my feelings the most because its the one I really wanted to accomplish. Times have changed pretty drastically around here though and its going to be tricky to pull that one off. Mostly because of funding but also because I am mega picky. As it turns out, the look I wanted for my kitchen is going to be a lot more difficult finding than I thought it would. So I either get to start from scratch or keep the search going. We'll see how its looking by Christmas.

#4- I have also started a couple of books. I am usually a very fast reader but lately other things have taken my attention away from where I would like for it to be while I am trying to read. I do a lot of reading in the bathroom. Either in the tub or while otherwise disposed, its where I get the most quality reading time in.

#5- Hosting a dinner party is probably going to be a lot less fancy than I had hoped for too. I am hoping to have a little get together before long but first I need to get some things settled and get just a little more comfortable than treading water. Too bad I can't invite my blogger friends or you could all come too! I'll share with you though.

#6- The 30 days Random Acts of Kindness is set for November already so I'm not worried about that one. Its also NaBloPoMo month though so who knows.

#8- I have started working on my self a little by losing weight and getting a hair cut but I still need to work on the fashion bit. That is the scariest for me. Mostly because clothes aren't free by any means and I don't have the easiest body to fit at 6 feet tall and still kind of fat "largely built". Any one have any hints on where to find clothing that meets those criteria? I have a board on Pinterest and I have just been building outfits from there. I'll share those soon.

#9- Visiting the World of Coke? I just need to bite the bullet and go down there. Now that the boys are in school, its going to be a little more tricky but we kind of need an excuse to head down to see the "castles" anyway.

#11- As for the family bike ride, this one is going to be tricky too. Not sure where to find a bike for me. Heck, I don't even know what to look for in a bike. I need one with wheels and a seat, any suggestions?

See? That's not so bad, right? I totally think I can get most of this accomplished before the end of the year. Maybe. I hope. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me any way. What have you got left on your list for the year?

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