Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall is Coming!

Its coming! My most favorite time of the year! The time for festivals, cooler weather, and best of all Halloween! This is also the time of year, every year, that I start craving pumpkin flavored things. Pumkin pie, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin cheesecake. Its an absurd obsession that only comes around about August and is always over by the time the brunt of Fall comes around.

This year, fall has snuck up on me hardcore. Usually by this time of year I have started planning the boys birthday party and started to freak out about everything involved in that. This year, I have not done a single thing towards their party. I think its mostly denial.

Still, soon it will be here and it is set to be a glorious fall here in Georgia. We have had oddly cool weather this summer which should lead to some gorgeous fall foliage. Up in the mountains at least. Or at least I really hope so. Our foliage tends to just turn brown and fall off. Some years, it doesn't even bother falling off. It just dies and hangs there, which is just so attractive.

I am really llooking foward to trying out some of the fall things from my pinterest board too this year. I have fallen slack on decorating and keeping up with my promise to my self to try and be more seasonally festive but come fall, I intend to at least make a wreath (Damn it.). I am particularly in love with this fall bucket list from Loves of Life.

Sweet, right? I think we can manage all that. Stay tuned to see what all we get accomplished!

What are your favorite fall traditions?

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