Friday, July 20, 2012

Medieval Times Launches New Atlanta Show #MTAtlanta

Right now in my house, role play is huge. HUGE. the boys are constantly dressing up as this or that and acting out their respective roles with eerie detail. D makes a particularly good Spiderman for a kid who has never even seen the cartoon. The most popular lately has been the pirate and the knight costumes and they have had some epic battles over the dog's valor. Which is a little strange considering Bob is both male and, well, a dog.

Anyway, so when we had the opportunity to head out to Lawrenceville, Georgia and check out the premier of the newest show at Medieval Times, I was stoked. So stoked I talked about it non stop for a few days prior. My friends love it when I do that. I have been meaning to take the boys to a Medieval Times show here in Atlanta for a very long time but I was always held back by either finances or being afraid it would be too intense for them.

When we arrived at the location, situated as a cornerstone of the very exciting Discover Mills mall, the boys were immediately impressed by the huge castle fa├žade. D kept saying he wanted to go through the drawbridge door but, alas, its just art. When we got inside though, we were greeted with another, just as impressive, entry to the castle. We were given our crowns and our knight color that would be our personal heros for the evening and headed inside. We even got to get our picture taken with the king!

Once inside, we checked out all of the awesome decor and enjoyed a few pre- entertainment drinks and rubbed elbows with some other fabulous Atlanta area bloggers*. While we were waiting to be directed to our seats, D and K even got knighted in a very special ceremony by the king. They were quite impressed and D has decided he will answer to nothing less than "Knight D" which of course means K insists on the same royal treatment. I tend to think they are more princes but knights will work.

When were lead to our tables, we stated to get excited. The room is built like a large arena, complete with elevated seats and a sanded area for the action to take place. The seating was seperated into the same colors we were sepreated into for our knights so the seating process was very quick and organized.

Once the show got started and the food started coming, we were all completely mesmerized. I don't think my boys moved or even really took a deep breath the whole time. The story line was intriguing and captivating and kept us all on the edge of our seats cheering and vying for our beloved knights to win the medieval games and the favor of the princess. Starting out with a show of horsemanship that would rival any other through the "catching of the rings" and the Mideastern horse dance, the final hoorah was definitively the jousting and sword fighting competition to determine which knight would be competing against the dark and dangerous visitor from afar to defend the princess' honor.

It was intense you guys!

In my adult mind, I knew they were acting but with sparks flying off their weapons and the crowd yelling and cheering, it was quite an experience! We were all personally vested in our knights at this point and everyone in the arena was yelling and cheering and having an amazing time. To the point I may, or may not, have woken up unable to talk this morning (totally did).

Thing is, not only was the show and the experience a whole world of excitement, the food was mouthwatering. We started off with tomato basil soup and toast then half of a roasted chicken, roasted potato and a spare rib that were all incredible. Not at all what you would expect from a typical dinner theater experience. This was good food. I also may or may not have woken up and ate K's left overs for breakfast after having craved it all night (Yep, did this too).

All in all, Medieval Times was not only an adventure, it was an experience that I know that my boys and I will not soon forget. If you have never had the pleasure of attending a Medieval Times show, in Atlanta or even one of their many other locations, I would highly suggest you take the time to check it out.

For more information on the Atlanta show, including show times, prices and information, check out the website HERE. You won't regret it.

For all of the other Medieval Times locations check HERE.

* Want to check out some more reviews of the show from other Atlanta Bloggers? Check it out!

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