Monday, July 23, 2012

Baseball Boys

This weekend, we took a break from the frustration surrounding our situation right now and went to the park. D has been showing a lot of interest in baseball lately and I have been promising to teach him how to play. So, as we started to leave D packed up his baseball bat, balls, and Braves hat saying he wanted to play base ball. We went straight down to the baseball field and D went right up to home plate like he has always played.

First swing, he missed. Second swing, he hit it. Third, hit it again. Guys, he hit almost every ball I threw for him! I was so excited I couldn't help but jump in excitement for him. Gradually we progressed to learning the right way to stand in regards to the plate and running the bases. He still needs a little practice holding the bat the "right" way but I say as long as he is hitting it, he is doing okay by me.

Ready to watch? The excitement and joy on his face when he hits it is electric, no??

Of course, K couldn't help but want to take a swing at it and what do you know, he hit it! Kind of! Backwards.. Still! Not bad for a two year old!

Not bad, right? Especially considering just how non- sports like their mama is! Of course K's thing is more soccer than this. He can kick a ball through better than any little kid I have ever seen. The two of them are going to keep me running for reals.  Ces't Ce Bon Vie!

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