Thursday, June 21, 2012

Absence Repealed

I admit it. I've been rather absent the last few months. Lots of events and not much meat. Please, just trust me when I say that has been for the best. For all of us. My life right now is... complicated to say the least and while I would normally fill you all in with all its screwy detail, its just not the right time. Just suffice it to say that I am well on my way to being a single mama. The boys and I are okay. We have each other. All of your prayers and love has been heard though. Through email, Facebook and Twitter. You miss me (You like me! You really like me!), I get it. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Anyway, you are all due an update.

The boys are amazing. Seriously you guys, every time I think I can't love these two little men more than I already do, my heart grows by leaps and bounds again. They still just adore each other and of course they adore Bob. Bob has fit into our crazy kind of love like a missing piece. He is seriously the most gentle, laid back animal I have ever seen. Almost too laid back sometimes I'm afraid. K loves to snuggle up with Bob in the floor and watch TV. Seriously, cutest thing you've ever seen. Of course Bob loves to run but that is kind of what he is made to do after all. We make sure and take him to the park to run with us as much as possible and the boys just love chasing him around. Of course when they chase him, he stops running and refuses to start again until they are in another area and the cycle starts over. He has become quite the celebrity in our neighborhood too with everyone knowing his name and always speaking to him and giving him some love pats.
D is looking more and more like a big kid all the time. I told my mother last night that he is looking more and more like a 5 year old all the time. Which is breaking my poor mama heart. Of course he still has those squishy cheeks that are just right for kissing and pinching. I hope he never loses them. I can't believe he will be five in a few months. FIVE. That's halfway to puberty you guys! What the heck! That is so not allowed!

He is, as always, my little man. He is serious and opinionated and loves with his whole self. D is seeing a counselor to help him deal with some of his stress regarding our situation and what not and it has really helped his personality evolve. Not that he needed improvement, he is just.. more HIM than ever.

D is smart and strong and opinionated (did I mention opinionated?) and awesome and perfectD has a huge imagination. He loves to play and dress up. His sense of humor has really started to show itself again. He is hilarious. The things he says and does sometimes just make every one around laugh. Its a side of him I haven't seen in... years? Too long for sure. 

K is silly as always too. He is my little lover boy who lives for kisses and snuggles but loves to run and cause mayhem whenever possible too. Of course, that is kind of what the is made for, kind of like Bob.

He talks all. the. time. Seriously. Its almost comical. K's inner monologue isn't so much internal as it is an external stream of thoughts kind of monologue. He is so smart though. You can just sit and listen to him play and he reasons things out so much better than his brother did at this age.

Of course if you displease him, he still turns into hulk baby. Hulk baby smash and rage! All I can say about that is we are working on it. His patience is evolving in every area except food. He has no patience when it comes to food. He is the kind of kid that doesn't always eat because he is hungry, he is an emotional eater.

Trip and bonk his head? Needs a cheese stick.

Fall and hurt his bum? Needs some crazies (craisins).

Had a fun run at the park? Needs a four course meal.

I swear, its all I can do to keep the kid fed. He is getting taller though so that is helping out with the silly fat kid stumble he has done for so long. In fact, K can kick a soccer ball while running better than any kid his age I've ever seen. Watch out Beckham.

I? I am surviving. I have been under extreme amounts of stress and it has taken its toll physically. It makes my OA much worse, even in the heat which is usually my "good" time of year.

Then there is the issue of my heart. Guys, it damn near gave out on me on my birthday. For reals. Not good. Some day I will try to type the drama revolving around my 31st birthday for you. It was by far the scariest day of my life.

Otherwise I am doing well. I have lost a little more weight since March. Not as dramatically but its more turning fat into muscle at this point. I am getting stronger, emotionally and physically, every day. I am learning to let things go and ask for help in order to preserve and persevere. Both of which have always been hard for me.

At any rate, thats where we are right now. As for RMM? There are changes a-comin'. I am going to be working on some physical changes to the blog as well as some content changes as well. Like I said before, I know its been mostly event related in the last few months, which is great and all, but I am growing restless and I know you probably are too. Reviews and events are great but I have much more to say. Some of the shenanigans that go on around here... Pure hilarity. That and I will have to start the obnoxious but necessary practice of watermarking my photos because unfortunately certain people think they are public domain. All I ask is your patience while I get back on my feet. Both literally and figuratively.

Thanks for your patience, your kindness, and your support. It means the world. Seriously.

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