Monday, January 9, 2012

Photo Mojo: 30 Day Challenge

Part of my 2012 list this year is to work on my photography skills. Or lack there of. For the last several years I have attempted to complete a 365 type project where you post a picture a day for an entire year. Yeah, nice thought but lets face it, I don't have that kind of time. Also: I have better things to do. I would get about a month or so in, forget a day once and slowly just stop. Maybe some day when my kids are older.

The thought came to mind that maybe I should just do one of the several 30 day photo challenges I have on my Pinterest boards. Except, when I got to looking at all of them, I didn't care for them. They seemed to lack any inspiration for me. Not saying that the challenges or the people that created them lack inspiration, they just weren't for me. They didn't tickle my creative fancy so to speak.

With the thought still buzzing around in my head, I got on my computer and came up with my own list. Some of the things are standard on all of the lists, some of them are a little more challenging. My goal is to take one picture every day according to the list and post them for you all to see.

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Here is the thing though, I would love for you to join in with me! The more the merrier and all that! I will be making a post every Wednesday with the past week's worth of challenges (so 7 pictures per post) and adding a linky down below for everyone to link up their posts for the week. I am actually going to be posting this as my Wordless Wednesday posts, so this week will only have two photos. Then, next week will have the full seven and so on. All I ask for you to do is add the button to your post, post the pictures, and then add them to the linky! If you are not a blogger but still want to participate, you are more than welcome to link to your photo from anywhere else (Twitter, Flickr, etc)! If you chose to do a post a day, thats fine too, just remember to link up all of your posts here on Wednesday so I can check them out!

Render Me Mama

Are you ready? Get set! GO! The first week will be up this Wednesday (1/11)!

Link up here if you plan on participating if you'd like! Just a show of hands so we can keep each other accountable!

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