Friday, January 6, 2012

DIY Milk Jug Lunch Container

Okay, lets be honest, we all know that sandwich baggies are bad for the environment. That much plastic headed to the landfills is no good. No good for anybody. Are they convenient? Yes. Are they healthy? Not really. Are they sometimes unavoidable? Yeah, okay, I'll admit they are. If you had the chance to make a sandwich container out of something that almost all of you have in your homes right now in less than five minutes, would you?

I came across this idea on Pinterest* a few weeks ago and thought it sounded too easy to be true. Making a reusable, washable sandwich container out of a milk jug? I'm game. Here is how I did it:

1. Take an ordinary milk jug. One with out milk in it is best. Less messy. If it has milk in it, chug it until its gone. Then rinse it out. No need for a deep clean, thats easier to accomplish later.

2. This marker isn't wholly necessary but it is for this tutorial because otherwise I couldn't explain it well. You are going to want to leave one of the full, flat sides intact. and cut the handle bit off.  Cut down the spout and around the handle as close as you can and throw that part away. Now is the time to clean out the bottom of the jug with soap and hot water.

3. Now, look at the bit of jug that is left. There are seams that hold the sides of the jug together and a weird seam that goes around the bottom of the jug holding the bottom bit to the top bit. Usually the part under this seam is textured so look for that. You are going to cut straight down the side seams to the top of the bottom- attaching seam and stop. Do all four sides. Then, just round off the edges to make them easier to fold in on each other, remembering to leave one of the full, flat sides in tact.

4. Fold the four flaps in on themselves to crate your sandwich box! Tada! Told you it was going to be easy. You can use really anything to keep the lid of your box closed. Tape, velcro, or if you are lucky enough to have a snap press, that would work well too. You can always decorate your box if you want to also.

The box is big enough to hold a sandwich and a few other things. Maybe a cheese stick or snack of some sort. Its not air tight though, so you can't freeze sandwiches and I wouldn't suggest taking them camping or anything but I am a fast fan of these little upcycled boxes!

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