Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Today, I am out memorializing things, ideas, people. I hope you are doing the same with your families. The death of so many of our troops is something that weighs on me. Not so much because I think they should be doing anything other than what they feel passionate about which for so many is protecting the United States and all that but more because I can't imagine losing someone to war. I think it is one of everyone's worst nightmares to lose someone close to them. A loved one, a friend or God forbid a child.

Thing is, all of those people that have died serving in the military have been just that. They have been someone's friend, someone's love, someone's child. Those people deserve our thoughts. They deserve our reverence and our thanks no matter how you feel about our current war situation.

So, while you are out today with your families, having a cookout or while you are at work, or where ever you are, keep those men and women in your thoughts. Appreciate their sacrifice and raise your glass to them and to their families. If not every day, at least today. '

Much love, and watch out for those fireworks. The get pretty hot.

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