Friday, March 18, 2011

By The Numbers

6 - Hours I sleep per day. Average.

4 - Hours Tommy sleeps per day.

15 - Hours the boys sleep per day. They are lazy lazies.

3 - Reasonably well balanced meals I make for the boys daily.

3 - Meals daily K refuses to even look at until his brother has taken the first bite. Ever the skeptic that one.

5 - Meals I have eaten uninterrupted and while still warm this year. I can tell you the time and location of all 5.

18 - Number of months I have been breastfeeding my K.

19 - Number of ounces of breast milk I once pumped in one sitting. That was a painful kind of day.

14 - Months since D decided to potty train himself.

4 - Total potty related accidents he has had (can I get a "hell yeah"??).

3 - Pairs of underwear D has flushed for unknown reasons since potty training himself.

30 - Years old I will be this year.

10950- Days old on my birthday.

51 - Number of months I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding. Or both.

42- Consecutive months of diaper changing.

10080 - diapers changed at 8 dipes a day.

5- number of times K poops a day. Still.

6 - years I have been married.

1,587,268,843 - years it feels like I've been married.

452 - Songs in my iTunes.

15 - Number of songs I actually listen to on a regular basis from my iTunes.

6 - Number of cars I have owned.

1 - Cars in my family right now.

90 - Hours T typically works in one week. We have been lucky lately having him home a little more though.

90 - Hours a week I miss my best friend while he is at work.

15 - Number of times my phone rings a day on a normal day.

3 - Average times I actually answer my phone on a normal day.

3 - Loads of laundry I do everyday.

1 - Of those is usually diapers because my 18 months old poops all the time. Still.

8,000,000,000 - Times a day I tell D to stop jumping on the couch/ bed/ his brother.

1 - The number of times he has ever stopped the first time I asked.

Infinite - The number of ways I love my children and husband. Even if they drive me crazy.


  1. @Atlanta
    Thank you! Some of them were a little startling when I actually did the math! This mama thing is hard work!


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