Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last Little Bit of Fall

This past weekend, T let me sleep in. Sleep in late. Noon late. It was fabulous. Something I don't get to do much anymore with him working the new job and such. Something I needed so much. Good for the soul, that sleeping thing apparently. Plus, we recently switched out the beds and our new bed is so cozy and fluffy. Like sleeping in heaven.

When I woke up, I realized immediately it was quiet in the house. Almost too quiet. So, I got up and went looking for my boys. They weren't in the house, in the back yard or the the driveway but the car was still here. Still mostly stumbling around, I yanked on some clothes and a sweater and wandered out into the front yard. Where I stumbled upon on of the sweetest things.

They were playing in the leaves. Something they had never done before. My boys have always been apartment kids. Apartment kids don't have leaf piles to jump and play in.

It was a leaf throwing party there for a bit. Until they were all out of breath.

They had so much fun doing it too. I really wish that they had not had to wait until fall was basically over to do it but I suppose its better than never?


  1. Fall pictures are my favorite! Your boys are too freaking cute!! <3

  2. Aw, that's so much fun! I tried to get my one year old to enjoy jumping into leaf piles and throwing them in the air, but he didn't really get it ;) Maybe next year

  3. Enter #3 into a photo contest. For reals!!

    I love all the pics, but #3 slays me!


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