Friday, December 10, 2010


Yep, that is me this week. At least around here. Don't hate me though. I have been doing a lot behind the scenes. I have been working on my favorite things post and several other fun things. Oh, and I added a reply button to the comments section. Pretty sweet, no? Thanks to Buzzing the Day Away for help on that one!

Christmas is finally starting to get to me. Finally. We have what, two weeks? I am so screwed. I still have more than half of my list to buy for. Not that buying or shopping is an issue for me. I am a little bit of a shopaholic (Shut up Meg) so it won't take too long to knock out once I get started.

Mostly, I am excited that my sister is going to get to come for Christmas. It really fucked with me that she didn't get to come home for Thanksgiving. Like, for real. It was the first time any of us has ever been away for a holidays holiday and it was so not cool. Christmas though, Christmas she is coming home. She will be here and get to spend a whole week with my boys. Dane is so excited. He asks where his T'aunti is all the time any way so now that he knows she is coming, he asks three or four times a day when she will be here. Yeah, I jumped the gun on that one a bit maybe.

This weekend we are headed to my mother's for a Christmas cookie baking extravaganza. Should be fun although I almost always get a tummy ache from eating too many.

Today though, today I am polishing up the holiday list, getting a review together for you and running a million errands. That is if I can drag my sorry self into the shower some time before bedtime. We shall see. I hope you all have a super awesome weekend and be sure to come back next week if you don't come around often. 


  1. I am finishing my Christmas list tomorrow and dreading getting out into the rush. But I am excited for it to get here and for Ryan to get all his awesome new toys : )

  2. tee hee, you got me covered yet? What'd you get, is it shiny or tasty?


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