Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Review

Was awesome*. I finally got the jive going about three days before Christmas went down this year and now I am quite upset it is over. It all went by in such a blur. My sister got in late last Tuesday and I swear, it was about 20 minutes later I was driving her back to the airport to take her flight home. We did a lot of playing with the boys and talking and goofing and merry making in the meantime sure but it sure didn't seem to last very long at all.

We got to see most of the extended family, which is always a pleasure. It was nice for all of us to be in one place again for once. That happens so rarely these last few years.

Christmas Eve was good if you don't count the lecture I got from both of my in laws about being a disappointment to the family because they have poor listening skills. Still, the boys enjoyed seeing them and we got to see our only little niece out of the deal. Not too bad. 

Christmas day was nice and relaxed too. Got up with the boys, ate breakfast, opened presents in between playing and drank possibly too much coffee. Definitely ate too much but that is some what of a tradition. I probably really should have just turned into a ham this year. I gave my mother my letter from the 2010 list too which made things happy, happy.

In case you haven't heard, Atlanta had a white Christmas this year. For the first time since 1882. That is 128 years ago guys! Pretty awesome right? It was beautiful snow too. The kind with huge fluffy flakes and snow covered tree limbs. Loved it. Kind of weird to think that its possible that me and my kids may never see that happen in Atlanta again. 

 The few days after Christmas, we spent sitting around and talking, doing a little shopping, this and that. It was a nice little break from reality. One that I hope repeats itself in the years to come. For now though, we are stuck with winter. Gray, ugly winter.

How was your Christmas? Did you enjoy the season?

*Yes, I realize I have been absent but you know you love me anyway so lets just pretend it never happened.

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