Friday, November 5, 2010

Playground Dos and Please Don’ts.

Some of you know this already, but I was a preschool teacher, elementary school aid, elementary school after school teacher and a nanny for many years before I became a mother myself. As a matter of fact, I have been dealing with children in a supervisory type situation for more than half my life. Scary, right?

Anyway, needless to say, I have seen my fair share of playgrounds in my time. Along with that time, I have seen many playground follies and bullies as well. Some parents don't seem to ever read the playground rules signs. Even if there isn't one, there is a list of unsaid rules that kids should follow. These are basic facts of life and safety that should be common sense. However, some parents don't seem to be aware of these, so I thought I would put the top 5 out there.

  1. Feet first down the slide, one at a time. So many kids need to hear this rule. If they are going up the slide, they face one of two outcomes. First, they will get kicked in the face by my kid coming down the right way. Second, they will keep the kid at the top from coming down at all. Now, which of these would you like to happen to your kid? Neither? Okay then. 
  2. No Pushing. Seriously, no pushing. Even if my kid pushed your kid first it is not okay for your kid to push mine down the stairs. I will deal with my child on the pushing issue, your 3 year old needs to back off.
  3. If the height limit is 40" and your kid is 5' 10", please for the love of all things Holy, don't let your kids play on that playground. 
  4. Watch your children. That seems like a big fat duh, right? Well, unfortunately some mothers seem to feel that if there are other mothers standing around, that they have it handled. I have seen so many kids get hurt because they were doing something dangerous while mommy had her face glued to her phone or a magazine. Sometimes the parents aren't even in sight. They go for a walk and leave their 5 year old alone on the playground. Kids need supervision. That is kind of the point of being a kid.
  5. No throwing mulch/ wood chips/ shredded tire material/ whatever the ground it covered in. Balls or other actual toys are just a hazard of being around playing kids and those are fine. Ground covering = not toys. It is there to protect the kids who are clumsy (like mine) or are doing dangerous things while not being watched. Not for throwing. Plus, for some reason, I always manage to get things in my eye that have been thrown by some one else's (probably unsupervised) little darling. Once, I got a wood particle under my contact lens. Not cool.
So, lets see if we can all abide by these okay? Simple enough, and keeps people from getting hurt, right?

Do you have any to add? 

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